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Lookin' back on when I first dreamt...

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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Every now and again I like to look back into my psychic journal to see what I documented and when. Boy have I forgotten some things!

I'd like to share one journal entry with all of you concerning an internet friend at the time out on a date with his girlfriend. To this day I am still unsure of what I experienced. Was it a premonition, astral projection, time travel, etc...

I had the dream in 2005, I documented what I saw from a picture in relation to the dream in 2007. Here it is:

180)Monday, March 5th, 2007-I should just start this off by saying I should not have the urge to tell various people my dreams, whether I dont dream anymore or do. Itll save me the embarrassment.

Anyway, Id like to point out that a dream I had almost 2 years ago just came true. It was a dream about a friend of mine named Mike. Heres the entry:

126) Thursday, October 13th 2005-Last night I dozed off for a couple hours and quite possibly astral projected. Lately I dont remember much about what I dreamt, but I do remember either walking side by side or being on a date with my girlfriend. Only thing, it was not my girlfriend. I dont have one.

It was the girlfriend of a person on Myspace named Mike. He recently got a girlfriend. I did mention to him that he seemed happy lately. Of course that was me sensing happiness from him. Back to the dream, the girl and I were walking side by side through a parking lot. I remember her looking up at me and me looking down at her. This girl, Ashley, is taller than me and shorter than Mike. Im shorter than them both, so thats proof it couldnt have been me in the dream. I was in Mikes body experiencing his date with her.

Thats pretty much what I remember about the dream. I do have a strong feeling it was astral projection, and I think Ill stick with it. Ive always said, when it comes to my dreams I always know whether it was a vision or not. As to if it was, Ill never know. Im not about to ask Mike if he and Ashley were out walking with each other through a parking lot. Even if I was curious, I couldnt see myself questioning him. Too awkward.

I was on Mikes Myspace when I saw this picture in a slideshow he has. This is exactly what I dreamt. I may have been in the place of Mike, but nonetheless, whatever anyone says, this is what I fucking dreamt, right down to the way Ashley is looking at me/Mike. Again, Im tempted to ask him something, but this time, the question would be when the picture was taken.

Ironically, another Myspace friend named Mike at the time, the only one I confided in whenever I had visions thought I was just grasping at straws and it was a total coincidence. Yeah, tell that again to the guy who discovered he was a clairvoyant astral projecting empath several years later!

If it's not too ridiculous, as most of them are, I'll occasionally share an entry from my journal. I just documented my 236th entry and started the journal on Memorial Day 2004. :)

Blessed be,