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I am writing my life story. My Life as an Empath-Book by Jonny Foster

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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Hi all,

I could use some advice especially from those who live a very paranormal life and those who have written books about their life experiences. I have wanted to write a book for a very long time. But only recently(within the last few years) have I said that writing a book about my life as an empath or turning my psychic journal into a book would be a better idea. While this is something I have already started and have decided that I am going to reveal a lot which I initially kept private, there are some things in my life story that I feel I should not mention either because this info is related to me but not my own personal business or because some of the terminology that was included in actual angel messages given to me is something that can have negative feedback. It's really those two areas that I am struggling with.

I consider this book to be an autobiography, but is it a tell-all? And if it is, do I really wanna tell all? I struggle because the publishing of this book can go two ways: It can be something that doesn't take off as I thought and only a few of my friends will read it, or it can be very popular and lots of people may want to purchase and read it. While that part is great, it also scares me because my truth, my personal spiritual journey will be read by strangers who I don't know. Do I want that kind of notoriety? While people know of it being a book on my life and experiences, names in the book have been changed for privacy. So if I write about my soul brother who happens to be very powerful with all sorts of abilities and gifts, his real name and identity isn't revealed in this book. I just fear the outcome. For the first time in my life, I worked in a public venue and I had blown up. I wasn't just a friendly face, a cashier at a local store. People knew me, I was being interviewed by college students and news reporters about my life and so many volunteers and staff looked up to me and relied on me for help and guidance. That level of celebrity as an introverted empath is not something that I want as a normal part of my life and because of that, I fear the consequences of what my life would be like if this book blew up and became popular, or if just a few people who didn't know my real truth suddenly knew my truth.

Is this just normal for anybody writing a book about their life or do I have real concern because of the nature of my life? I would love to read your feedback because I am struggling so much. I have written over 20 pages so far and have 34 chapters/topics to discuss. I'm going to combine many of them so I don't have a 100 chapter book. My life is a story and I felt that I finally had to write it down on paper to tell it. I am a psychic empath growing in many ways and I simply wish to tell my story in a way that I know people will listen, by reading. Otherwise, no one else cares about my life and my struggles.



03/26/16 01:19:39PM @dice:

I struggled with how to proceed with mine as well. One way I stumbled on was a story mode that could be easier to digest.. or more easily understood by others where it is relatable. I would say continue to write and let go of your inhibitions right now. You will end up going back anyway. You can have your unscripted version, and then a versionthat you want to put out there. Not to create more work butyou may not get all ofit out while in heavy "what should I say, what should I not say" mode.You have time to go back and better see what you would like to keep for you and those close to you, and what should go out toothers. By the time you are that far into it, you will know.



The Importance of Being Jonny
03/26/16 02:23:59PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Thanks Dice. I will keep that in mind. So far what I have been doing was just wording truths differently so that it still is the truth but not exactly the truth. What's important to me is that I tell my story and I am doing that. :)

03/28/16 07:05:40PM @dice:

I think that is important too which is why I struggled at the beginning. I am glad to know there are others doing this!

All the best,


04/01/16 07:14:33AM @laog:

i made a doc partially about myself it was like 310 pages or so i just put things like how i was feeling at the moment and put my thoughts on the doc no matter how eccentric some people were interested because of the eccentricity though it had sensitive material and got kind of 'out there'. then again i think maybe a lot of people were put off as well. and you can just deny interviews and such if you become famous idk about paparazzi though, i doubt you could legally get them away. also you can have a writers name not your real name.

at first i was scared to reveal darker thoughts and parts of my self and experiences in my doc but i felt better after i put it out there. if you express your fear, hate, anger, love, joy, compassion all of that in the book i think it will be a good book. also making jokes in the book no matter how sucky they are could keep the reader feeling like they are connected with you very personally.

as for thinking and stuff about structure i read that writers get in flow state and just express without filter then edit stuff like that later, like what dice was talking about, i did that as well because i sucked at making it organized and cba to do that. i got my doc to 310 pages in like 4 months working on it on and off and still attended school, the disorganized and then edit format makes it really fast and easier imo.

The Importance of Being Jonny
04/01/16 09:57:18AM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Thanks LaoG. I kinda wanna stand behind having it be me or about me than having a pen name. I just want people to know that no matter how strange it may seem to them, this is my everyday life. The flow of the book is gonna begin with what was happening in my life a few years prior to discovering I was empathic, then finding out I was an empath and ends my story in present day. And the rest of the book will have chapters discussing several topics about what it's like for an empath and making friends, having relationships, sexuality, sainthood ETC. "Sainthood" is gonna be a chapter that I feel every empath can identify with. When the people in your life love having you around to the point where they are like hypnotized by your energy. To me that feels unrealistic because most of the time I feel like the people that are mesmerized by my energy don't know the real me. They know what they feel around me and I want them to know the me that I show to them. Having written this, I am kinda biased since it is my life, but writing it has made me feel like I was immersed in a good book and that's how I want people to receive it when they read it.