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Parting with my Soul Son

By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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Well, although it's still unconfirmed, I will let my feelings validate whether or not Jade and I are father and son from a previous lifetime. Since making that revelation, seeing him at work was the highlight of my days and I would look forward to getting to spend time with him, even if my day was going bad otherwise. School let out for the term on Wednesday and we spent most of the day together. But as soon as he left, I felt like my world came crashing down and I was very heart broken that I probably wouldn't see him again. I became very sad and emotional and all I could think about was him. He's 14 so it's not like I can call him up and say let's go out for lunch. If I want to have time with him, I would have to go through his parents, mainly his mother, and I don't feel comfortable doing that cuz I don't want her to get the wrong impression about anything.

We are friended on Facebook and that will be our method of communication. Including him, this would be my fourth soul relative I met along the way. But Jade is the only one of whom I got a chance to interact with in person. So I think the fact that I felt so heart broken after he left does tell me something and that was actually one of the main things I wondered about if I ever had the chance to meet my brothers in person. If we reunited via the internet, what would I feel in person? Anyway, it's only been two days and I've been meaning to write about it. I don't know for sure if that was the final time I'll see Jade, but he is a very special kid and I'm so glad I got the chance to be reunited with him. I'm gonna miss him, but at very least, I will get to see him grow up through pictures.




The Importance of Being Jonny
06/14/15 02:50:58PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Yes, I guess I am lucky to have encountered as many soul family members as I have. Well, I had met Jade once before about a year and a half prior and he gravitated toward me and I kinda mentored him. Answering questions, helping him with projects. This time around, our relationship grew. I was a mentor role as I was before, but I was also someone that he felt safe around. We have a mutual interest in Star Trek so most of our time spent together focused on questions he had which I was able to answer.

In his words, I don't know what he would describe my role in his life as, but as for me, he is something very special and he fulfilled a void I had in my life. Not only was he a good friend but he was a child-figure. A son, something I never thought I would have in this lifetime and he was given to me through spiritual means and I appreciated that. Although I had this knowledge, he was not aware of it and I assume he would describe me as a mentor. Someone that guided him and was there for him when he needed me. Many days after school I would stay longer at work to keep him company until his mother came to pick him up.

Jade and pretty much everyone else, his teacher, Perry, classmates, my co workers and boss, could see how special he was in my life and vice versa. Though they probably couldn't explain it. But if anything, I hope that my presence in his life was something positive for him and he knows I'm always here for him and I always will be. A lot of people gravitate toward me in my life, but not all of them are because they need my help. I encounter many people who feel familiar and I don't know how or why, but Jade was the only one that I could feel was very different from the rest and I didn't know how until my brother mentioned the word son.

Nice to meet you, Aryi. I'm Jonny. Thanks for your comment.