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By: The Importance of Being Jonny
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I would really appreciate any advice I could get from anyone. This is still somewhat unconfirmed 100%, but based on the signs which are screaming at me which I did not see, this news changes my life. Since finding this out, I suddenly went into father mode and being around him is very much different now. I'm even more protective and caring than I was before.


"I have shared on EC in the past brothers whom I met here who I am tethered to in multiple past lives. At the time, I thought that was the most incredible thing to ever happen to me. Re-acquainted with brothers from multiple past lives. Ever since, I have been paying more attention to who feels like what. Paying more attention to the vibes and general feelings I have while I am interacting with certain people.

A year and a half ago, I met this boy about 11 years old at the time who was a student at the classroom that is adjoined to the place where I work. I see a lot of kids come and go but this particular boy grew very close to me, and I him. His name is Jade and we became great friends very fast, and that's all I thought it was. A friendship between me and him. When the semester was over, I was kinda saddened that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and at the time, I barely remembered his name. I knew it started with a J like mine but I just couldn't remember it. A couple months ago, I got to thinking about him again. he was on my mind for no particular reason. All I thought about was how special this boy was and the bond we had.

To my complete surprise, he was a student again this semester in the same classroom with the same teach and when I opened the classroom door to let everyone in, I was in complete shock to see him. By then, I had remembered his name and shouted JADE!! and gave him the biggest hug. He asked what my name was again and he hugged me back. This time around our bond was growing and he acted much like, what I thought was a younger brother. The entire time, I only paid attention to how he interacted with me, the things he says, how much time he spent around me. He was gravitating toward me for a particular reason and I didn't know what it was but assumed he was a younger brother of mine from a prior lifetime.

I mentioned Jade to my brother Wolf who always informs me of anything he feels or sees when I am discussing someone and in passing, he mentions this boy Jade does not feel like a brother, he feels like a son. He admires you like a son admires his father. After reading that, I couldn't believe my eyes because in essence, I just read that I have reacquainted with my son from another life. Then everything started making complete sense. The way he feels, the way he acts around me. His passion, his admiration. The respect he shows me, the love he shows me, all subconscious to him, but obvious to me. It made complete sense. This boy Jade is my son! It may not be 100% confirmed, but what little acknowledgement I have has completely and totally changed my life. It's only been a couple of days since learning about this and my entire view on life is now different cuz for all intents and purposes, I have a child. One thing this life has shown me is that which I lack in this lifetime is made up for spiritually. I've always wanted brothers growing up and suddenly I found myself with 3 spiritual brothers whose bonds I felt immediately as did they. I have never had romance or a relationship and I lead much of a solitary lifestyle so I already knew at the age of 32, I won't be having children in this life because I didn't really want them. Having kids and a family I think is something we all think about at one time in our lives, but I knew that I would never have it because it's not what I wanted. But I feel like I have been blessed with a child in a whole other way that just floors me cuz the only spiritual bonds I have encountered thus far were brotherly bonds.

This news has completely changed how I view life. As I said, it's unconfirmed, but I have absolutely NO reason whatsoever to doubt anything Wolf tells me about what he feels or sees because he has been right every time. He has yet to be wrong. Jade and I share a passion for Star Trek, so much so that I gave him a handmade starship Voyager model ship I made which I don't do for anyone. I don't give away my art, but his young passion for Trek told me that he would be a better owner for it. Plus I plan to remake the ship someday. We watched Star Trek Voyager together on my phone as he waited for his mom to pick him up after school. Another thing that stood out to me was when class would be in session, he'd come out to use the bathroom then wind up staying with me to chat and when Perry his teacher came in, he would say, "Perry, it's ok. I'm here with Jonny.", as if he had MY permission to not be in class. He doesn't sense any of this. To him, I am just a good friend. But I've been observing his behavior toward me the entire time because I felt something and I know he feels something, he's just not aware of it. Last night, I asked God to please give me confirmation if this is true. If this boy is my son from another life, give me a sign that this is true. As we were watching Trek, he asked me "Do they have an empath?", referencing Deanna Troi's character on Star Trek The Next Generation, which he is very into at the moment. When he asked me that, I took that as a sign because the empath remark inadvertently referenced me being an empath and wondering if he's different like me. I know he's very smart. I get that from him, but otherwise, I don't know.

This is just wild and I had to share my story here. I wanted to tell somebody who would understand all this spiritual stuff that I can't talk about with anyone else."


Nocturne's Angel
05/12/15 12:24:41AM @nocturnes-angel:

I believe that Wolf was correct.


The Importance of Being Jonny
05/12/15 02:09:34AM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Hugs :)

The Importance of Being Jonny
05/17/15 02:34:54AM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Thanks Gene!