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energies (through self observation)

By spiritualskies, 2018-06-08

Not sure if anyone will find this useful in any way, most of it is common sense and probably doesn't need to have any depth to it, but for me and the type of empath/person that I am this is what empathy is like for me, either daily or every other day. how I cope and manage and hat alleviates and enables me to move forward..

I tend to not switch off from anything (and that's just me, not empath related). always observing and analysing life, nature, objects, surroundings, people, behaviours, motives, intents its pretty much endless, everything my gaze is cast upon is a time for reflection and analysis, for what purpose, god knows!

initially it was all about having a spirit guide, in reality and spiritually. that whether or not I understood something I was to adhere to they're advice an teachings to navigate my personal life with my spiritual one. I learnt lots and understood lots, but it all changed when I had my spiritual awakenings. its taken me almost 2 yrs? understand my personal journey from that moment on. this path was different, and though it seemed easy, when tests came it became more difficult to navigate and differentiate between reality, perception, spirituality and psychic abilities, not to forget our own inner whatever innerness in thoughts, character, behaviour, desires, ego etc.

I guess the types of abilities that I have evolve and develop depending on what my focus is, for example, ive always been inquisitive on the human body and understanding it, and some of it is rooted to understand my faith and its teachings. when my focus becomes more fixated on this I tend to tune into all sorts of human wiring if you will. 

what I mean by that is (and I'm not sciencey at all so pardon my ignorance), take for example person to person contact, depending on the type of contact, we can understand as empaths on what emotions, moods , thoughts might take place in terms of what the mind is processing, but the mind is the central nervous system sending and receiving messages through all parts of the body simultaneously 24/7, and every aspect in my opinion has a mind of its own (energy). in a sensory example whenwe say hands, I wont absorb the energies of a hand as a whole, I will tune into it through parts, like today I reflected on why I used the word propose a few days ago, that not a word I usually utilise in my vocabulary, either written or verbal or internal thoughts. as time has gone on I guess iv'e picked up on someone or couple perhaps thinking/discussing unity as one, I won't go into it now it not of much significance but reading an article today kind of confirmed thay I could feel or sense a ring? which is really strange, for whom or to whom it is intended ofr is be known to me but I was able to distinguish weight, size, material, the ring finger had an energy that I was in tuned with too.. whether its like this other empath I have no idea, maybe I have too much time on my hands to explore these energies as thorough as I do, I don't know really.

Other types of energies are different frequencies picked out from within a soul, or mind, or body, character, emotion, mood, and I become like a magnifying glass for each frequency that my radar has picked out, and not all  will require healing or positive energy work (that's just for me to remain humble, or attempt to). its become more about putting myself first, and what I need to focus, discipline and ground, if healing, if I'm absorbed in another's energy comes about from it then that's great, though that's no longer my intent.  and I don't know if that's a bad thing because ii no longer feel I'm the soft person I used to be, I feel more stern as a person,, sometimes depending on situation and people. or maybe I'm becoming what others perceive of me?- as  I grow as a person and from experiences. whether emotional numbness has anything to do with it? 

its why ive always stressed that what might work for some empaths wont necessarily work for me, and this is what I meant in one of my threads that if I can give a crappy example of an atom, we know the physics of it and each element forming that atom is giving off a frequency, 10 people can be surrounding it and each one pick out same or different frequencies from it, whatever is picked out and the magnitude or subtlety will speak something to each one standing around it, what we do with that energy is entirely up to the individual.

if I had to give another example of energy, it would be like becoming a magnifying glass of anger, and for me to know how to ground this specific emotion would be to understand its external triggers, its internal process and what has fuelled this fire. once I've understood that, I tend to pick on the individual process of that anger/emotion, whatever is taking place in the mind, blood, veins, the irritation, sensitivity, the intended action process, the actual outcome etc, all this in just a minute or fractions of seconds, if I can locate what's gone into the emotion and it doesn't have to be external/internal triggers, I mean in terms of becoming that anger and like a doctor dissecting everything so I know how to ground/discipline when its not mine. 

although this sounds like a tiresome routine to have or live by, its actually what's enabled me to get on with life and reduced the amounts of times I felt like empathy was a blessing/curse phase, or the amount of alone time I needed because of the empath side.

soul infusion

Today I can give a perfect example of what I meant of this from a past thread I'd posted. Where my experiences have been I feel like I'm assigned certain people in and around my life, again for what purpose I wouldn't know. But empathy in all that it entails has a very different meaning for me than to others whom i've met and spoken to, although we all share our similarities in some beliefs and purposes, we also differ according to our traits, strengths and abilities both as who we are as individuals and as spiritual beings. 

From the picture I uploaded today I could tell my own aura, until I came out of all the subtle energies I was infused with, like a vessel, that I now carry them, tend to them and water them as and when it suits me with the hopes that one day will flourish and blossom with beautiful fragrances.

Since the disassociation took place from this individuals energies, I can see that within them reside the same problems that have gone into shaping their beliefs system, moral ethics, spirituality, and then the ego and desires. Although there is light and very weak healing energy, the aura is riddled with holes, where this person doesn't take care to nurture that, and I'm conciously aware of all the ingredients that have gone into this recipe to affect this person's life, decisions and outcomes and where it's headed based on these.

So after discussing some of the examples I guess one of my most recent examples I have of the ring ive discovered that this actually happened for someone, though it wasn't a proposal in any case, it was someone deep thinking for wanting a proposal and using an actual ring to focus they're mind on what they want next in life, fantasising of that day..

So in that past I've usually presumed stuff if pick up was on a sub level or, just a thought/emotion etc but in actuality it's now becoming 'doing what others are doing'. And it's made me question (because I'm numb)- is that because I'm also in those states in my own experiences? Or what I'm not consciously aware of? My logic would argue, when I take on these and my mind unable to rest from them I begin conversing with them in my head, likening them to my own circumstances, in which case I'd say Ur nuts if ur thinking I'm gonna marry you lol...

Telepathic connection

This one really is like virus, because it's a constant connection, I'm usually on the recipient for whatever I'm receiving to whomever it is I'll have this connection with, so because I don't know of other who, what's and where's of energies are coming from, I'm in a constant state of negating them unless I'm 100% certain I know who it is, otherwise what happens is I'll get caught in the moment, take it on as my own and what is being given off to the receiver I have no knowledge as my contact is largely limited. And that's because that how they want it not me. For me it's a matter of comfort zone..

Finding that balance on top of life in all of this is tricky, where energies are concerned..


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