7 years later, newness changes a sense of power and lost. Please comment

By: SoulPhoenix
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I joined EC 7 years ago although this profile is newer, I was a beginner than. I have gone through the paces and been a very high end loose cannon empath that feels all. Than i got into a relationship and things changed. Now I am out of that relationship as of about 3 months ago.

I still love them but my heart was broke for the first time. Things are different now I am going through worlds of changes emotionally mentally and spiritually.

I want to learn control for once in my life, I want to bring more of my empath side back as i am a well versed mult gifted mage. I have always had a lot of power and i finally have that sense of responsibility and some control over my own emotions for the first time in my life.

I have friends I have family, I have magic. I am still at a loss. I know things will get better in time but i feel like I am missing something and a little more clarity and guidance will help me on my way.

So I would love to talk to anyone who would like to talk to me as a friend or as a practitioner looking to give advice or a reading.

I plan to root myself back into this community. Me and my life are changing and what better place to ground learn and teach some at some point than hear.

Light and Love always~SoulPhoenix/StormSiren