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Love is a Battlefield

By: Rose3
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I met another empath today.Well I met him like a month ago.And today of all days I learned to control my gift.It was because of him and faith which sucks because I am engaged and getting a house.Our energies today are unique something I have never felt.I want to run.I want to cry I love my fianc.I feel like we're slowly growing apart I want to give it a chance.I also feel like I am in love with love and I need to be alone and figure some things out.I know what I should do but that's the hard way please help
08/31/16 04:51:09PM @lotusfly:

I personally prefer to be in a relationship with an empath. It sounds like you're questioning your engagement, and if so, I wouldn't get married until things smooth out between you and your fiance'. You may just be getting marriage gitters about settling down with someone, which is normal. The puppy love you feel in the beginning of a relationship might be what you're addicted to. It rarely lasts for long, and what is left is two human beings. That is when you get to decide if you're compatible or not. Only you can decide if your fiance' is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, or if you want to see what else is out there. Good luck :)

09/02/16 08:41:08AM @soralei:
I figured it out I gained control because of him not sure why but he is so not ready for anything relationship and I am gonna stay with my fianc.I have been with an empath who was not ready before it never ends well
09/03/16 06:19:45PM @soralei:
Well that empath is engaged and so am I not gonna happen.Its okay I'm fine