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The Importance of Being Jonny atomiclez


By: Rose3
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I know that everything you say has power and you have to say things carefully and not invoke your will on others.Well I dun goofed.On several occasions in my life bad things have happened if I willed them to of course they come with consequences and usually have me in trouble as well shortly after.Which is why I try not to say anything to nice or too mean usually in a montone.It's a lot harder at work.Okay it's guy at work was always flirting with me and he would always pretend to be hurt.I told him one day your going to really be hurt and no one will believe you.Now he's Mexican so he asked me if I was a witch.I wasn't too sure at the time so I said no.Three weeks later he had a stroke.Then this guy at my job who is super lazy I told him.I told him you're happy because you got out of work come Friday someone will be mad at you.He didn't come to work Friday and he is suspended.I also told a Manager If you're messing with me I'm going mess with you right back you're gonna pay.That one hasn't happened yet.These literally happened one after the other.I'my scared I want to control this.I don't want to hurt people.