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Eyes Wide Open While the World is Closed

By: Rose3
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I feel like I am the only one who sees the world for what it is.Its truths it's lies.I try to teach and show others but they keep their eyes shut.I can't keep doing this alone.It's like an uphill battle.No one wants the truth.They want the lies because it's easy it's what they always knew.The world needs more then just us.It needs a revolution.It needs a big truth.I feel so much wrong and see it.I can't wait for the world to change anymore.I need to change it.We are empathy we help people one at a time.We need to help more.The world isn"t going to wait for us to change it.It needs change now.
02/16/16 04:25:12AM @kaolin:
You are not the only one - :) it sounds like you feel that way - as I did just last week. & to a degree we are right A LOT of the world doesn't 'see' there are others who see you just haven't found them yet. I was frustrated very recently by the same thing - so I asked the universe for direction and found some people who get it. Luckily one of these people reminded me that part of my frustration is the lack of compassion a lot of people don't have foe others - and wasn't that what I was lacking for THEM! ha! It was a lovely gentle reminder I needed. You are not alone my friend - keep searching we're here.

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