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Mirror Magick

By: Rose3
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I don't like mirrors never have never will.They're a portal and sometimes you don't like what you see.Now to the point there is an old witch who cursed my friend who I tried to help.I shouldn't have now she wants me.She comes to me in my dreams or in mirrors.And old Mexican woman into the dark arts.I don't know what to do.I usually just cut the cords or repel the spirit.Then she said she was going to kill my boyfriend.Luckily I have a spirit guide and then some that can help but this lady ain't no joke everyone is scared of her she lives alone surrounded by darkness.Every now and then I heard the words Darken the Heart Open the Mind.

Also been thinking about dabbing into magic but not Wiccan or anything my interest has wandered toward Haitian Vodu, Louisiana Voodoo, and Hoodoo.Mainly Hoodoo I was never interested in these things until recently.Honestly I have seen a few Voodoo spirits they aren't bad they feel neutral.I think I may just study Hoodoo for medicinal reasons.I just want to get a cultural view on spirituality and its always been right there.

Scott Yates
02/10/16 05:46:46AM @scott-yates:

(My opinion based just on what I've read) The dark arts aren't anything to mess with, but can be fought. I only know 2 ways to battle the dark arts, by magic or by ones faith. What's curious to me when I read this is you hear the message "Darken the heart; Open the mind" then been thinking of dabbling in magic. I won't make assumptions on this due to a lack of information, but at this point, I'd dig deeper to make sure the message and your interest in the arts isn't linked.

02/10/16 05:57:00AM @soralei:
I gave up on it may look up herbalism though.