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Different views

By: Rose3
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Being an empath I feel closer to God and everything.I especially feel more spiritual and in tune with the world.My opinion is its a gift to those who need it or will use it well to better the world.I feel as though in general though my religious beliefs or a little muddled.I don't yet I do want to define it but I can't.It's a certain feeling you just can't explain a sort of knowing.Which makes it hard for me to talk to some religious people.Because there are some things I know are a matter of fact evn if no one believes me.I just want someone's opinion on this.
01/20/16 10:39:45PM @lotusfly:

Hey Rose,

Yeah, religions are based on someone else's beliefs. If you believe something different or just know something, trust it. Trust your own inner guidance. Current ideas and beliefs are just based on someone else's inner truth. It's good that you are so self-aware. It's okay to not have the right words to explain how you feel, because words too were created by someone else. Create your own words. Start your own language :) Why not? Someone else did. I choose not to conform to any religion because there is not one out there that I believe fully and I would feel dishonest, like I was compromising myself - my beliefs - just to earn a label. Just being spiritual is enough :) No need to join any side. No need to label at all. Each of us unique human beings with our own talent, gift, or way to better the world in which we live :) Mine is to help. I just want to help. I want to help people, animals, the environment/nature, our planet in someway. Make someone smile. Save animals and people from a life of captivity. Teach people how to be self-sufficient. All of us self-sufficient and helping one another out of the kindness of our hearts :) That's a lot to try to tackle, so I'm starting with me, cuz I can't help others fully until I've helped myself. For me, my spirituality is feeling connected to nature and the universe. Feeling at peace. Feeling the magic from following my intuition and the beauty that is in the world. Just being completely present and feeling my body buzzing with energy (my inner lifeforce that is somehow connected to everything in the universe). I'm alive! it says. And I'm at peace, trusting and knowing everything will be well. But my body and mind have a lot of catching up to do. But it's okay. Live and learn. We're all here to do that. It's okay to just be. To not label. To not know. To just follow my inner guidance and a little help from my friends (others and outside stuff) to help me discover my own truths found within. Because we only see what we want to see, so it is not anything but my intuition saying, "hey, that has meaning for me because I'm heading in that direction." Can we change our perspective? Just thinking out loud. Can we change how we see the world by changing our inner thoughts and outer actions? Are we really so powerless to our reality?