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The Importance of Being Jonny atomiclez


By: Rose3
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Lately I just feel like the world is changing but not fast enough.Like something will happen and I don't know what.Like this nagging feeling of a clock slowly ticking and we don't know when it's going to stop.Surprisingly a lot of people feel like that.What I really hate though is I can predict what will happen and sometimes I know what will but it's like I can't stop it it just happens.I feel everything I get lost in myself.I am good at controlling it I over think things. I know I feel never be normal,but I feel like there is a calling for me I don't know what it is but it's reaching and I can't quite reach back because I want my fiance there with me.I don't know if he wants that.Honestly I know he doesn't.I am an empath and he isn't. It's hard not being with an empath he doesn't quite understand. but I don't want an empath because then there is no privacy.I feel so much potential in him like he could be very spiritual,but he doesn't want to be.I just don't understand why.Also he has night terrors but he hasn't had many since we got together.It's like I protect him or have his nightmares instead.I don't mind much because I can control my dreams well.

01/18/16 10:44:57AM @visitor:

There is a huge consciousness shift going on right now in the world. I don't know much about it, but everything IS changing, and for the better. Sometimes it might feel like it's getting worse, but pay attention to the miraculous stuff. You might want to google it because I'm not a good source of information on this. I've heard about it from people in the know.

01/18/16 09:05:27PM @alledius:

I looks like the boyfriend simply isn't ready for a spiritual change. If you push him, he might resent you for it. Instead just accept him at his current level. If he wants help, he'll let you know.

01/18/16 09:26:11PM @moon:

Since we live in a reality of duality - As consciousness is expanding which is a good thing - we will also feel more negativity. Deep breaths. Do your thing, sweetie - this may be a part if your life that your boyfriend doesn't share and you'll have to have other support in your life. All relationships are different. My husband doesn't share any of my interests and we've been happily married for twenty-seven years. We connect in different ways.

01/20/16 10:22:32PM @lotusfly:

I'm changing and I'm wishing the world was better suited to me :) But I think everyone feels this way to some extent and slowly the world is changing. That's for sure. Because there is no stopping time, so change is a constant. It's not happening fast enough for me though. I guess I should try to enjoy the journey more than keep hoping for a destination that may not come or not to my liking. Maybe I'll see what I can do today to help create the future I want. Cuz the past determines the present, which determines the future, but if I change the present, do something different today rather than live life based on the past, the future will likely be a bit brighter :)