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Someone's Calling my Name

By: Rose3
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Lately I will wake up out and someone will call my name.Idk or how.Anytime I ask my boyfriend he says it wasn't him.
12/20/15 02:51:35PM @rene:
I use to hear a young girl asking me to help her when I was a teenager. That's when I started question if I had an ability. Back then I didn't know how to answer her or if it was my mind playing trick on me. There was no internet back in the '80s to find information about such things so after a few months I stopped hearing her. I hope she found her way.
12/20/15 05:05:29PM @soralei:
Thank you Rene that helped a little.
12/27/15 02:36:11PM @visitor:

Maybe a departed loved one who's trying to connect with you? Or maybe somebody is thinking about you somewhere. Ask this person to come to you in a dream. It worked for my friend.

12/27/15 05:22:33PM @alledius:

Whoever it is, tell them if they can't say anything besides your name, bugger off. Seriously, what good does it do to simply say your name over and over? If they have a message, they should give that, otherwise, they seem like a pain in the ass. Also you might have a ghost situation going on. Next time it happens, pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally.

12/28/15 04:47:33AM @soralei:
I usually wake up scared and I know nothing good will come from it.