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Past Lives Dream Life

By: Rose3
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I have had dreams about my past since I was 15.Almost 10 years.I have been a slave in Egypt a diplomatic daughter in Victorian Era.A dancer in World War Two.One thing I noticed it's the same mistakes the same people the same loves of my lifetime.I always wondered if I am so aware of it all of my past life and my abilities why do I come back.And then I realized I come back for him every time to see my love.I would rather be a spirit but I just want one good life with him before I go.One last try one more time to get it right.These past life's are filled with traumatic families,tragic love stories,but I face it all just to see him.This little passage of time is worth all the heartache the struggle.I know selfish I could help people and I do and I love doing it but I love him just a little bit more.I know all the mistakes I shouldn't make but I make them.I know all the ways to change my life for better but I don't I make his life better I make him happier.I know that each love feels different.Some are sweet and fluttery some are lustful and passionate.Others are like dying embers a slow burning painful love like daggers.It all feels different from start to finish.But this one feels pure happy and unfiltered.But it all ends the same in heartache and I will do it until I get it right.
The Importance of Being Jonny
12/09/15 10:47:53PM @the-importance-of-being-jonny:

Do you document your dreams? A dream journal? It helps.

12/10/15 08:21:25AM @soralei:
No its the same ones over and over I can describe most of what happens.I used to keep a dream journal.Maybe I will try it again.
12/27/15 05:01:55PM @visitor:

It would be nice if you kept a journal and condensed it into a book. We keep meeting the same people in different lifetimes until we get it right. I don't remember much about my past lives, except that I was Native American. I moved back to the place I'd been in that lifetime and that's where I live now. It's because I was happy here.

12/28/15 04:49:10AM @soralei:
I started a book but it was so sad.Too much violence and sorrow.I had a hard life.