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By: Rose3
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My friend is cursed.It is so bad she has to use white sage everyday.Someone took a lock of her hair put it on a doll and cursed her.I want to help to reverse it.I personally cleanse her spiritual whenever I see her but it's draining and feels like it just comes right back
11/30/15 02:17:08PM @rene:
Cursed? You say someone took a lock of her hair, so she knows who it has placed it? I have a feeling her fear is great and that needs to stop! She should fear no one. She needs to strengthen herself and her beliefs. As long as she fears she cannot over come it. I feel you can only do so much. She needs to flex and push that energy away from her and demand it to stop. I have no idea what I'm talking about but that is what comes to mind. She has it in her to do this. Use the light. It loves her.
11/30/15 03:47:17PM @soralei:
I know the light loves her.I can tell it does she doesn't want to send the spell back at the lady.This has been on her since she was a kid.I am trying to modivate her to lift the curse I hope she takes my advice
12/01/15 10:07:08PM @womanwhowalks:
Ya...I know what you mean...someone did that to me as well...been trying to get it off...for a few years now...dolls are very difficult to disarm...there's tones of advice on how to make a poppet...none to disarm...the only way really is to dismantle it...but...I found a binding spell that works pretty doesn't send the spell/curse back to the sender...if just takes the energy off you....the way the poppet is used is also a factor...mine is used to stick pins in...every so often i'll feel something start to happen and I have to start protecting myself again....the spell is simple...there are also uncrossing spells that seem simple...I personally don't like that type of energy stuff...
12/02/15 06:30:19PM @womanwhowalks:
Sorry...but that's like telling someone who's got a bad case of shingles to not think about the painful rash....if you don't think about the pain your in doesn't exist...or that empathic abilities don't work therefore don't
12/02/15 07:10:37PM @soralei:
Ty Karen.Peace and love but if you don't believe in the spiritual things in life how can you believe you are an empath.Also she hasn't taken the salt bath that will purify her.Literally the day I told her how to cure the curse she became homeless.This confirms that the herbal salt bathe will work.Also afraid to help her feels like the lady who cursed her knows I helped my friend.Hopefully she won't curse me too.
12/02/15 09:06:05PM @womanwhowalks:
Lol...I was one of those unbelievers...until it started...and even with my spirit guides urging me to take action...I tried ignoring it for years until I got fed up with being picked gotta stand up for yourself....people who use their abilities to hurt...injure...torment...for any kind of reason...need to be taken down quite a few notches...and for a grown woman to place such a thing on any child needs to whipped...not my I agree...
12/02/15 09:12:54PM @womanwhowalks:
And i definitely do believe in the spiritual...I was commenting towards BlakPanther's post...
12/03/15 07:46:07AM @soralei:
Oh I know it was.I was the same way I ignored my gift for years.Rationalized it in every way until I accepted it.I know a few empathy who use their abilities in a dark way I was almost like that.Now I try to heal and help people in anyway I can.