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Painful Happiness

By: Rose3
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I feel this light fluffy happiness with a hint of pain in my chest.It was weird I have never felt it before and part of me wants to cry.There is this guy I have always though about for years but never dated.Someone or something always got in the way.We hardly ever spoke but there was this connection.Now he is famous I didn't know until I looked him up.Funny because last year he was injured and not doing so well.Anyways I feel happy for him I always wondered what if.I just want to know what it means without talking to him.We had this I hate you but secretly like you thing going on as kids.We both have very strong personality.I am just confused because I am going to be engaged soon and I feel a surge of lust,love and happiness with the other guy and I wonder if I should of gave the other one a chance.

10/23/15 09:55:45AM @rene:
That , my dear, is a question no one can answer except yourself. First thought was cold feet but then the human harmone factor came to mind. It comes down to the laws of attraction. I think fantasies are healthy and beyond our control. You know what you have now so ask yourself is that enough to last a lifetime and go from there. But remember, what you have can be easily lost if fantasies of someone else is detected and their is no knights in shining armor riding white horses.