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The Importance of Being Jonny atomiclez


By: Rose3
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I feel like I am a good person.I strive to be my heart is in helping people and trying to change the world.I want to save it from itself and enlighten people.Then there are times I want to be selfish.I want to turn those emotions around onto them.I want to manipulate there emotions because I can.Then I don't I just shut down.I don't protect or defend myself.I am just standing there feeling everything going out of my mind an indecisive un-moving force of nature ready to erupt.

I feel like we as empaths can easily turn into sociopaths if we choose to.I have already crossed that line and it's like one thing can tip me off the edge.I feel like a siren ready for fun and games(the good kind),and then I feel like a banshee on the attack ready to defend.

I just don't want to be the in-between.I want to be good, soulful and pure but I have to try so hard to do that everyday. I want to feel everything yet nothing.I want to be extraordinary but normal.Sometimes I just don't know.

I just need people like me who will give advice and listen to mine as well.Also there is very intense negative energy on this site.Most of all I want training and to not abuse my gift.

Emmy Long
10/08/15 10:09:39PM @emmy-long:
I got some very good advice from a counselor once, she told me that a lot of times, our disappointment is due to us building up a situation to something with such great expectations, they can never be met. I think this can happen with our gift. We expect to gain so much from it, and expect to see so much in others, that when it doesn't happen, we feel "disappointment". But we shouldn't, because really all that happene was what was supposed to happen. We dreamed up such a fantastic situation, that we were disappointed when it wasn't reality. What we have to accept is what reality really is. And then we have to embrace that. <3 sending love your way. I still struggle with this. I think it's part of living on earth when your soul is from somewhere different, and maybe better. <3
Kaitlyn Brokaw
10/09/15 09:29:02AM @kaitlyn-brokaw:


Sounds like you are not protecting yourself! You are picking up someone else around you who is feeling like that, perhaps a family member or maybe even a neighbor, a friend? Is there someone that you are always around that just has a bad vibe? I feel like they are passing off their negativity to you and then you are not throwing it in the garbage but just holding it for them. In exchange, your good feelings are passed to them as well. People can be just like leeches. Especially the ones that are filled with hatred, anger, and other issues. These people are called energy vampires. They will seriously just feed off of your good vibes and give you their bad vibes. If that makes sense?

I also kind of feel like you are ONLY focusing on the negative energies instead of the positive ones? The longer you focus on the bad vibes, the stronger they will become and the more potent.

Lots Of Love,

Kaitlyn xxx

Scott Yates
10/11/15 09:49:55PM @scott-yates:

Sounds to me like your going through the same things that every empath has and at times still go through. A lot of people with recommend grounding and shielding. I personally don't focus on grounding because I like to be free. Yet, I do shield a lot. It helps. There are still times that feelings come through beyond my today. And your right, we could me sociopaths if we choose too. It would be very easy to take our gifts to a dark place. But we don't. We fight. You gotta remember, your in control of what you feel. Shield, block, or redirect the negativity until you can handle what comes your way and use it in a positive way.

10/12/15 05:13:00PM @soralei:
Thank you so much guys.This helped a lot.Funny thing is after I posted this.I did my research and taught myself how to deal.I have known I was an empath for 10 years, but I have I gnored it for the last two.Now I feel like it was beating at my door saying this is you this is what you want and need.Now do some thing about it.