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You can't choose who you love

By Rose3, 2016-10-24

You can't choose who you love.Someone I feel like being an empath makes me love everyone and everything.So I fall so hard when I do.I met another empath I starting to hate meeting them because I always seem to fall head over heel for one.It's like feeling you emotions then their emotion and it doubles.I cut the ties of my emotions for him so I'm better but I feel tethered to him.He's twisted though says he loves all his girls and he can't choose favorites which is why I ran away from the situation.He shares himself with everyone he is selfish wants everyone.The only reason I know that is because I can feel his emotions which he isn't used to.We were so n sync I could feel him and he could feel me.It's like we didn't need words.I just wasn't going to be another lover and I wasn't going to share him with everyone.That makes me selfish too.Honestly neither of us were ready for anything a relationship with an empath will never happen to me not in this life maybe the next.Honestly I don't really need advice I just need to vent with people like me.People who may actually understand whats it's like.I have already had 3 encounters with empath males.They always end in a train wreck.I fall for them instantly I never chose it I avoid them like the plague and it hits me like a runaway train.

Might as well let this out the first one was bad empath. That was a darker time in my life.He manipulated everyone around him including me.He say and I quote.I want your hate.When he said that I ran.He was addicted to drugs and got married and didn't tell me...Tried to use me to cheat on his wife he didn't need my help though.

The second one this was more promising.He was an addict who was a year clean.He found Jesus and we connected.Then he dropped a bomb and said he was getting married and ran off from the church and never told me anything.Worse part we worked together he quit when I was off for two days.I told him I feel in love with him he was the reason I was able to control my emotion. The love he had around him he helped me to control that emotion.I sadly think he is an addict again or running away empaths are good at running.He didn't like the fact that I could tell when he was lying and read his emotions.

My third and hopefully my final empath love.A sweet guy who cares about everyone and pretends to love them all equally.He would only allow himself to love me to a point.I'm an empath and so is he.I know there was something more but he would't let go so I didn't either. 

I hope I never meet another empath in person again.I take all that love and another rejection.Clearly I'm not ready for a serious soulful commitment .One thing I will say I see why people are so drawn to us.

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Love is a Battlefield

By Rose3, 2016-08-31
I met another empath today.Well I met him like a month ago.And today of all days I learned to control my gift.It was because of him and faith which sucks because I am engaged and getting a house.Our energies today are unique something I have never felt.I want to run.I want to cry I love my fianc.I feel like we're slowly growing apart I want to give it a chance.I also feel like I am in love with love and I need to be alone and figure some things out.I know what I should do but that's the hard way please help
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By Rose3, 2016-05-08
I know that everything you say has power and you have to say things carefully and not invoke your will on others.Well I dun goofed.On several occasions in my life bad things have happened if I willed them to of course they come with consequences and usually have me in trouble as well shortly after.Which is why I try not to say anything to nice or too mean usually in a montone.It's a lot harder at work.Okay it's guy at work was always flirting with me and he would always pretend to be hurt.I told him one day your going to really be hurt and no one will believe you.Now he's Mexican so he asked me if I was a witch.I wasn't too sure at the time so I said no.Three weeks later he had a stroke.Then this guy at my job who is super lazy I told him.I told him you're happy because you got out of work come Friday someone will be mad at you.He didn't come to work Friday and he is suspended.I also told a Manager If you're messing with me I'm going mess with you right back you're gonna pay.That one hasn't happened yet.These literally happened one after the other.I'my scared I want to control this.I don't want to hurt people.
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Being Touched

By Rose3, 2016-03-15
Everytime I touch someone lately it's like I get certain emotions from them I hate it.I hate being touched.Is this just me.I seem to pick up something from the person mainly males who try to find any excuse to touch me.Even when someone taps me to move so I can pass.I hate that the most.It feel so impersonal yet I feel how nonchalant and emotionless it is and the person doesn't know it.I need help on how not to feel this when people touch me.
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I feel like I am the only one who sees the world for what it is.Its truths it's lies.I try to teach and show others but they keep their eyes shut.I can't keep doing this alone.It's like an uphill battle.No one wants the truth.They want the lies because it's easy it's what they always knew.The world needs more then just us.It needs a revolution.It needs a big truth.I feel so much wrong and see it.I can't wait for the world to change anymore.I need to change it.We are empathy we help people one at a time.We need to help more.The world isn"t going to wait for us to change it.It needs change now.
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By Rose3, 2016-02-05

This is freaking me out I keep hearing the name Justin or seeing it repeatedly.It's been once or twice a day now for 3 days...I know it's a common name but not that common.

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Mirror Magick

By Rose3, 2016-01-31

I don't like mirrors never have never will.They're a portal and sometimes you don't like what you see.Now to the point there is an old witch who cursed my friend who I tried to help.I shouldn't have now she wants me.She comes to me in my dreams or in mirrors.And old Mexican woman into the dark arts.I don't know what to do.I usually just cut the cords or repel the spirit.Then she said she was going to kill my boyfriend.Luckily I have a spirit guide and then some that can help but this lady ain't no joke everyone is scared of her she lives alone surrounded by darkness.Every now and then I heard the words Darken the Heart Open the Mind.

Also been thinking about dabbing into magic but not Wiccan or anything my interest has wandered toward Haitian Vodu, Louisiana Voodoo, and Hoodoo.Mainly Hoodoo I was never interested in these things until recently.Honestly I have seen a few Voodoo spirits they aren't bad they feel neutral.I think I may just study Hoodoo for medicinal reasons.I just want to get a cultural view on spirituality and its always been right there.

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Different views

By Rose3, 2016-01-19
Being an empath I feel closer to God and everything.I especially feel more spiritual and in tune with the world.My opinion is its a gift to those who need it or will use it well to better the world.I feel as though in general though my religious beliefs or a little muddled.I don't yet I do want to define it but I can't.It's a certain feeling you just can't explain a sort of knowing.Which makes it hard for me to talk to some religious people.Because there are some things I know are a matter of fact evn if no one believes me.I just want someone's opinion on this.
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