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By: Soothsayer4
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ok you empaths,

So what is realy really real for us folk that live on multiple demensions? Come now, what is it that we really seek? Do I need to ask this question to those that already have the upper hand but have no idea how to deal it? What is thist really that we know? I wonder if we are the entrance to the kingdom of God... I also wonder if wie are meant to lead in some way designed by a higher power or in someway meant to have a purpose known only tosomething much higher than us (or not) to guide us to a greater purpose. only time or the right person, will tell.

11/16/16 09:15:06PM @soothsayer4:

So what is time in this multilinear universe we exist in as Empaths?  When do we stop trying to block out all that we sense and know, and fully allow it all to happen freely without those peripheral guards that we put up - either in subjective reality or as a façade to all those around us that we are semiconsciously protecting ourselves from? What knowledge are we truly seeking?  Can it be that we are merely avoiding the discomfort of our present experiences as to seek something else "out there" rather than self-acknowledgement?  It is scary to open the flood-gates without the necessary precautions, guidance, or life experiences that we are meant to learn. We have to first be careful not to completely detach from what we are.  We cannot dissociate from reality by nature because we are the ones meant to connect at all costs.  No matter how much we try to buffer ourselves from the connective forces of human psyche, the threads of subtle energy and inter-connectivity bind us to the collective force of life that surrounds us. Sometimes, this gift is discovered by others, exposing us as the empaths we are.  Otherwise, we hide in the shadows of humanity, disguised with normality - plain... but sooo unique.  We are meant to shine on subtle plains of existence - the secretive forces at work that slowly change the world around us from the inside-out.  That is what I understand.  That is what an Empath really is.  We are that change.