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Lover of the abstract and all things mystery. All things artistic and creative. Professional Dreamer. Astrology Nerd. Traveler. Empath.

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12/23/16 04:50:09PM @bing:

Hi Somethingintheway

Welcome to the EC.  I received notice of your topic on the number 1107. However, I could not find the page.  I am including a link to some information on this number, so just click on this link.  1107 

I am also including some links from The Library of Light, my group here at the EC, that is filled with lots of topics that you may find quite helpful. 

The Empathic Experience 

On Being an Empath

1111 / Lightworker

I can also recommend books on related topics if you would like to know more about the experiences of others. Once again welcome to the EC.

Throw some love into the wind.