Part of life..

By: Smaria
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I guess this is just a part of life.. And part of awekening like this. I've had a pretty unstable life. And my awekening happened pretty sudden, it felt like in one day my life turned up side down. It is still going. One minute I am crying ,my heart out and the next I am laughing like never before. So I understand why I can think that I am going crazy sometimes, there is a lot of energy going on. But as a humanbeing I feel like this is so powerfull and sometimes I cannot describe with words how lucky I am to experience what I am experiencing, but sometimes it also makes me so mad that I feel this hardcore pain. It feels unbearable sometimes.. I guess what I just want to say is that if any one are having the same experience and need support when they can't find it any where else.

I AM here for you <3 You are all loved creatures of light, and we are all together on this journey <3 Namaste <3