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By: Smaria
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Is there any one her who have experienced an awakening? Because I am experiencing that as we speak. But tonight I feel like I am having a nervous breakdown. I am crying, shutting down, crying, shutting down my feelings. I feel so desperate, I just want to run far far away from my self and at the same time just feeling like crying my heart out. And I am also having serious heartache because I am recovering from what I feel like loosing the love of my life. Is there any body who can help me understand what is going on. I feel other people emotions, animals, plants.. Everything.

11/28/15 02:05:40AM @womanwhowalks:

Hi...if you haven't learn how to ground yourself you should....meditating to quiet the mind...sitting quietly and forcing yourself to empty your mind of all thought and quiet calm breathing....slow it down....and sever the link to the person you broke up you have plants? It seems one needs it's root either trimmed or a new pot...something to do with the roots...that just popped in there...just check...gonna check mine just in case...but i think it's meant for

11/28/15 04:30:08AM @smaria:

Karen. Yes, I have plants. I had an Orchid and it died because it had to much water :( That was spot on! I think I just needed to ground myself a little more, like you said. So I changed my yoga routine and I feel much better now. Getting out in nature also helped me a lot :)

11/28/15 09:46:08AM @womanwhowalks:
Did you throw it out?...I'm being hassled right now to tell you not to throw it out that it can be you have thrown it out don't worry about it but get a new's very someone...I don't know who....someone In your family?.....very insistant i tell