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So, there is a name for this!

By Siriusly, 2015-09-28
I saw a spirit of a man the same night a family friend died (before anyone knew it) when I was a child.I had to pray every night, asking God to help me "not see anymore ghosts." (It worked.)My mother constantly told me that I was "too sensitive" as I was growing up.At 19, I wrote a poem that ended with: "who gave this awful gift to me? Sensitivity."I went through a period of suffering debilitating panic attacks in crowds in my late 20s.I took a psychic development class and half the class left after I foresaw some happenings in another woman's life. I tried to warn her about something. It happened. She decided I was evil. :(One night, I heard a horrible, blood curdling scream. I went outside to learn that a neighbor I didn't know had just learned his son had been killed in a car accident. I couldn't shake it. I was seeing a counselor at the time (the panic attacks) and he told me I needed to stop "being a sponge" when it came to others' emotions.Yes, I have always been the "go to" friend when people have problems. That has been lonely at times.I am an extrovert, which seems funny. I love people.I think I love animals more, though, and nothing soothes me like nature.I hate noise and I am more sensitive to it the older I get.I can get very weighed down by others' emotions or disorders.I often pick up on things when there is no logical reason for me to pick up on them; I have learned to trust those feelings--it helps me navigate in the world.I have seen flashes of images of that I actually see within a few minutes.I came across an article about empaths learning to protect themselves, and realized that's what I am.While I currently live a pretty happy and content life (my yoga practice has been a life saver), I need to learn to stave off picking up on the negativity.I'm not a heavy drinker, but there are times I have gone to alcohol to "turn it off."WHAT IS THIS? So curious as to why some of us are made like this.A new discovery.
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