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I was empathetic as a child. Seeing the adds about abortions or hate would always upset me. it only increased as I got older. At 20 I had a child and just attributed the increase in emotions to having a child, but I do not think that is what was going on. I have been told I am easy to talk to. I had a job where it was my job to calm down the angry customers and there was only 1 man that I could not calm down. I am great with children. I worked in a day care where this one little boy had a hard family life and he would come to me every day and was happy and calm. On my days of I was told that he was never at ease. I have been told by a friend that he thanks i'm an empath. The things I have read for a most part I agree with. So I am here to learn and grow and see how to calm all the incomings.

07/21/16 04:32:23AM @rosie333:

Dear Shannon,

Welcome! It truly is a gift to be able to calm people, Looking forward to your soothing words and energy :)