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By Secret Blossom, 2015-07-24
I was so excited when I found out I was probably an empath....and now I find myself doubting. I was never brought up to believe that this stuff is real. So i feel like I ve stuffed my senses so far down that I can't even tell what's what. I keep finding myself thinking...."you just want to feel that energy" or "you are thinking you feel something" or "thats silly, you know this isn't real" or "maybeit is just anxiety" .......ugh.....I ccan't sort anything out in my head. I try to concentrate to see who's feeling what, but its just a bunch of 4 kids for example, i try to hone in on separate emotio s, but i just get a buzz of chaos, but i don't know how to describe it. It's as if im mentally hearing a buzz, but if i dont pay attention its not there. The same thing happens when im out front of the house and all the neighbors are out. I just feel overwhelmed but can't pinpoint any one emotion. I just know i want to get away from everyone so i can calm my mind. Sometimes i feel like im going crazy and i just have social anxiety,and bipolar, and what if im just searching for an excuse for all these mental health labels.... i dont know what to think anymore. I don't get any alone time to even try and meditate...i just don't know
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