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Empathy. You Don't Have To Suffer.......Part 3

By: Scott Yates
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Okay.  Sorry it's been so long since I've been able to finish this blog series.  Life has a way of distracting  Continuing on...

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire:

Let's talk about being a human lie detector......a natural built in polygraph.  I don't fully understand why or how, but empaths have the uncanny ability to sense when they're being lied too.  I know for sure that it has everything to do with the constant psychic connection we have with others.  I believe it goes hand in hand with the ability of intuition.  Ya just know.  Now, exactly how it works within the connection, I really have no idea.  But I'm really glad it does.  This ability has saved me so much money, from getting ripped off in deals, and many other situations.  Definitely not an ability I want to suppress.  Only drawback I have found with this ability is when someone your close to you and love so much lies to you.  It hurts. But ya know the truth and you can call them out on it if you deem necessary, 


Everyone needs a recharge now and again.  No one more than the empath.  There's no right way or wrong way to recharge your batteries.  Whatever brings you a sense of peace and calms your mind will do.  Try to find a place where no one is anywhere around.  Take a country drive if you have too in order to be alone and away from people.  Then plug in and recharge.

Kill Them With Kindness:

I've read so many posts and heard from others concerning narcissists, sociopaths, and the such. How they drain the empath of energy and drives the empath crazy.  Now, how can the empath fight against these types of people?  Simple, kill them with kindness.  If they see that they can't get to you, they'll move on.  Stop giving them your energy.  They live for drama and keeping you on an emotional roller coaster.  STOP!  They won't stop on their own; only you can stop them. Start killing them with kindness and not allowing them to bring drama into your life and stay off that roller coaster.  They'll leave.  You'll be so much better for it.

Part 4 will be here soon.  (Sooner than this

02/04/17 12:43:51AM @annalee23luv:
Nice blog, I think kill them with kindness only works in certain situations. If someone has a history with the narcissist, kindness may not kill them, I know from experience that completely cutting off all contact with a narcissist is the best solution. Especially if they know you and know you well.