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Some days as an empath

By: Scott Yates
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Most of the time I love being an emath. It gives me a sense of being special and I'm extremely grateful that I am given the ability to help others. Yet, there are those times when I wish I wasn't able to feel others. I think sometimes it gets to be too much to carry. That desire to just be burden free for 1 day and breathe easy overtakes you. Sadly enough, that's not an empaths life. Grounding and shielding helps a lot, but your never truly free. Akwardly enough, I'm okay with that because I love helping people. I love making them smile when they are sad. Giving them advise and watching their lives turn around. The reward for being an empath makes up for the bad days that I have. I think this is why so many in this community doesn't mind to be what they are. Those who hate this great gift, I believe haven't realized exactly what they have.This is just my thoughts and feelings on the matter I guess. Maybe they'll help someone realize something or help them in someway. Thanks for letting me rant.
10/20/15 03:06:20PM @rene:
I know, right? I love to fell others happiness. I just love it but unfortunately , everyone doesn't feel this way. I wish I had a magic finger of happiness. I would touch everyone I met.People are scared of things they don't understand. If you don't understand, why waste your energy on hate. It's the same I guess for other beliefs also. But this is not a belief, this is me. I shouldn't have to explain it just like a gay person should not have to explain why they gay. It's not what we choose, it choose us. It's who we are.