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By: Scott Yates
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There are time when I get so loaded down with the negativity of situations and peoples emotions that filtering nor shielding will protect me. At this point, I have to regenerate somehow. I need to obtain the most purest of positive energy next to God to push out all the negative. Here's what I do.......

First, I find a quiet place outside where there are all kinds of wildlife and plants and flowers. A place where I can also see the beauty of the sky. I'll take a few deep breaths and take everything in. Second, out of respect, I ask the plants, flowers, tree, sky, and earth if I may have a little of their pure positive emotional energy so I may regenerate. Thirdly, I draw in all the emotional energy around me from nature. Within just a few minutes of drawing in this natural emotional energy, all the negativity that I was carrying around is replace and I feel so alive again. Lastly, I thank them for their help and ask God to place a blessing on nature.

The thing about nature is that they don't require much in the line of thanks. Pass them a blessing, spread some seed, plant a tree, or just visit often. It's all accepted. They can take negative emotional energy and transform it back to positive emotional energy to continue flourishing.