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Feeling Another's Pain

By: Scott Yates
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My 2 year old son and I were at Taco Bell the other day for lunch when this couple sat down to eat across from us. Immediately, I began to feel sadness and afraid. I could tell they weren't my emotions because they felt distant. There was no need to scan the lobby, my eyes fell on the couple when I raised my head. As I gazed on the couple, I felt the woman's fear of her spouse and she was so sad being with him. There was a knowing of her unfaithfulness through text when he was away. From him, I could feel the mental abuse that he gives and how he threatens with physical harm, yet has never followed through with it thus far. He wasn't happy either. As they got up to leave, I got confirmation of my assessment of the couple. He got up to dump their tray while she was talking, stopped, and whirled around towards her. She jumped and coward back like a wife that had been beaten into submission. A sad situation indeed.

Just wanted to share the experience.