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My name is Scott and I was born an empath as everyone else.  Only difference is that my abilities weren't suppressed growing up.  They were encouraged.  I was introduced to this site by my late wife after I helped her discover that she too was empathic.  I enjoy being an empath even though it's rough.  I find joy in helping others and bringing some form of joy to their lives with my abilities.  Other abilities that have developed over the years as a result of empathy is clairvoyance through dreams mostly, occasional clairaudience, and healing emotions and pain.   I have had OBE (out of body experiences) but those are few and far between.  

I am a father of 4.  My daughter lives with her mother and I'm raising my 3 boys since their mom passed.  I work full time in maintenance and do photography on the weekends.  All extra time goes to my kids.  That's pretty much me I guess.  If I can help anyone, please let me know.

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03/21/15 09:10:22AM @kitkat:

Hi Scott Just got ur message and it made me smile I was telling someone else I have been imaging myself as ephemeral so things pass through whilst sending compassion out as white light. Your confirmation has bolstered my confidence in this approach. Many thanks. How's the weather there in Kentucky? It's cold warming up her in England but I'm from California originally. Pleased to meet you.