Am I really an empath or i'm just being sensitive?

By: Schemz
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Before I have no idea that there is such a word as "Empath". I only now of the word empathy. Such a word for me is natural in human beings, to feel what the other people are going through to somehow understand the burden they have. In this world of struggle for daily survival and with us all sharing the same planet and to live with, all is connected even our psyche.

Back then before I usually get psychic attacks from a family member. As a growing up girl I tried my best to be a good daughter, struggling my way between school works and housetasks. With mistakes I did out of personal choices I made back then out of taking chances, I get endless curses. And everytime the emotions of that person are intense, I get so overwhelmed and felt beaten down although no physical impact was done.

There are also times when I can feel a certain emotion for a particular person. I have this friend from college who i always feel energized when he's around. He is a jovial and hi spirited person. There are people who i don't feel comfortable with even when they are not yet doing anything wrong. Then in the long run it turned that they are not the people worth keeping friends for.

Can anyone tell me if I'm being oversensitive and paranoid? Or this is being empath?

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