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Neuroscientist and philosopher turned nomadic and withdrawn countryside hippie due to over-sensitivity, finally gave in to the spirits calling me and now on the way as an artist and (budding) energy healer. 

You can follow my latest eccentric ideas, and also read an in-depth compilation on my personal ways to get out of paralysing empath overwhelm and mental health troubles into a state of creativity and contentment on my website.

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03/10/18 11:44:03AM @sasha-supertramp:

Nothing in particular, just figured why not have a funny nick

04/07/18 01:05:21PM @alijay:
Hi Sasha, just curious, what are Ur experiences with empaths or HSP's with autism, Asperger's etc. Love MH topics.. would love to hear if you have had any experience with clients or what you've learnt/dealt with etc..
04/08/18 10:13:29AM @sasha-supertramp:

Hey @alijay, I haven't had an official client with Asperger's but have worked with a few people inofficially. Actually a bunch of people have told me that I can probably label myself as having Asperger's, and that's one of the reasons that at one point I was reading a lot about it. After all that research I have an ambivalent relationship with psychiatric labels – they have found their use, but also a lot of ab-use in pathologizing people rather than supporting diversity. 

I've had a longer discussion with a friend on my blog about that actually – autism labels as such and their relationship to being an empath, as there is one theory of autism that would make sense of a certain group of people (seems isn't that small and includes a lot of gender diverse people) fitting both labels.

Do you relate to the topic or have any particular knowledge? Would be super curious to hear.

04/14/18 07:36:10AM @alijay:
Thanks for that Sasha and sorry for the late reply. I don't have any experience with Asperger's, I was hoping you could fill me in lol.. I only know of someone who was breifly admitted in a care home I once worked in, he wasn't around long enough for me to learn about his condition, but (not mocking his illness) we did have to learn his triggers, and one of them was he was a fan of the lamest soccer team and everytime he'd watch them play, on his return (they always lost, that was one of his triggers, he'd hit the roof.. I have thought about the temperamental side of it though and where children are concerned, in empath families. I can share if Ur interested? Might come in useful for others u might meet in future? Or something to add on Ur blog?