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05/31/11 11:22:25AM @bing:

Hi Maria

Welcome to the EC. Drop by and visit the "Library of Inspiration".

Throw some love into the wind


05/31/11 11:22:31AM @bing:
Red Ribbon
12/18/15 06:22:21PM @lotusfly:
Cool to meet another cap/scorp going through similar things :) Peace and love~
Ruby Fox
10/09/16 10:24:23PM @ruby-fox:

Let me know others thoughts on this: What is love? I heard someone say "love is not possible unless we can confront and redeem the darkest most twisted forces inside of us" they are implying that everyone has this in them from the beginning and need to exorcise a dark side within first to get to the higher self. Did they not consider there are those born with pure souls who become dark and then need to redeem themselves? That some souls are sensitive to their environments and how it influences them? The natural empath with an indigo soul would understand this most

Ruby Fox
12/25/16 11:46:03AM @ruby-fox:

We are Royal-the kings and the queens of 2017

Merry Christmas my empaths and know that the real battles that you encounter are in your mind. If you believe in a label, you become that label. We all have to remove labels and find the core selves. Others don't know what the creator put inside of us and it is not their place to judge-do understand that you can't give others power by believing what their perception of you is. If the majority sees only what is seen, and unable of seeing the unseen-then def. put trust in self and develop self awareness. The seeds of greatness are inside and great mentors help water them. Others will not see the hidden talents until you live up to them-up to the enormous potential.

Ruby Fox
12/31/16 06:20:38AM @ruby-fox:

If born in the winter, you are a Capricorn born under a bright blue star too-Vega.

Ruby Fox
03/10/17 10:56:30AM @ruby-fox:

Apparently Heyoka empaths are different. We wish we weren't but are.

Ruby Fox
03/10/17 10:58:56AM @ruby-fox:

The Heyoka Empath. Different. Just different. Can't help it.