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I don't usually read celebrity interviews unless it's Comedy Central related, but I found this interview with Susan Sarandon and thought it was *moving* as one woman's view of time passages.

Just putting it out there for the curious.

At 64 still the stunner! Rock on Susan!
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I love this man. Living Parody of Fox news pundit Bill O'Reilly and quite frankly all the other Media puppets that dance for the Imperial Puppet Masters.
When he speaks I truly LOL.

He has a way of shining a light on the BS.

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Auto Email Message that made me smile

By Roxanne, 2010-08-25
I get an auto email/newsletter delivered to my e-mailbox. Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God)
The auto email is titled: " I BELIEVE GOD WANTS YOU TO KNOW".
Today I got this message (as a million others did I'm sure)...but it just made me smile and so I pass it on.

On this day of your life, dear friend,I believe God wants you to know...

...that art begs you to notice it.

Why? Because art is God's way of saying hello.

So pay attention to poetry. Pay attention

to music. Pay attention to paintings and sculptures and

photo exhibits and ballets and plays.

Don't let all this go unnoticed.

Your world is shouting out to you, revealing

something intrinsically glorious about itself.

Listen carefully. Love art, the way art lovesLife.

I know Elise does not want any unsoliceted business links put up and I have no connection to Neale Donald except that I'm on his mailing list for some reason.

So if you want to get on his mailing list you can google him and find a way. Out of respect for Elise I will not put a link up here, because I don't know enough about him.

This post was simply to share a lovely thought.
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Across the nation brave men and women join the service. They train and they serve and they face conditions so unspeakable most empaths would curl up in a ball and cry just thinking about it.

But according to a recent article the army has actually been *firing* soldiers after they've already served in combat, and canceling their medical benefits claiming their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is actually * a personality disorder* therefore a *pre-existing condition*.

So what are they saying? That the Army is so incompetent that they missed these *so called personality disorders* during the screening, training and deployment process, and only recognized this pre-existing *personality disorder* AFTER the soldier returned from a combat situation. (first of all nobody should be allowed to be fired after serving in a combat situation. Discharged with honors, period. Full benefits and nothing less.Amen!!)

or are they saying that we are too stupid as a nation to see past this BS and raise a holy hell about it.

I for one intend to keep my eye on this. If a man or woman has served their country and endured even one tour of duty in a combat zone they have already earned their benefits.

I have a newsflash for these army doctor PUPPETS who are making these false diagnosis (by order of a High command, I'm sure) : There is another pre-existing condition apparently rampant among their peers: It's called the congenital a-hole disorder....and that's what they would have to be to treat these men and women the way they've been treated. Sorry, not after what they've been through.

It's tragic. And it's not the first time our troops have been insulted like this. (Can anyone say Agent Orange!)

So aaaaangry about this. Hoping the Veterans Legal Aid Svc. rip them a new one.

Here's the link if you should feel like reading about it: This is inexcusable.

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Rainbows...Unicorns..and Fluff...

By Roxanne, 2010-08-22
Nothing like a walk around the EC Discussion Boards when the rain is beating against the roof and you've seen every rerun of Ghost Whisperer ad nauseum.
A lot of talk about Rainbows, Unicorns and Fluff on the boards these days. So I decided to research the phenomena of the * curious trinity*.

Origin of the

***** Rainbow

According to Wikipedia

The legend of Uenuku

Uenuku was out hunting very early one morning when, in a clearing, he saw a beautiful girl who seemed to coalesce out of the morning mist (The Mist Maid). He
persuaded her to stay and talk with him for a moment, and to return the
next night, and the next, and the next, and before long they fell in
love. Each night she would come to him but as a mist maiden her home was
in the sky, so she had to leave him at dawn. At last she agreed to
marry Uenuku on condition that he tell no-one about her.

They had a few months of happiness, though she still appeared only at night and left at dawn, and in time a little girl was born to them. But
Uenuku's friends were skeptical of this wife and child they had never
seen. He tried to explain that she left him each morning at first light,
so his friends suggested that he block up the doors and windows so she
could not see the sun. This he did, but of course the trick was
discovered and when the mist maiden knew he had deceived her, she left

Uenuku wandered the world searching for his beloved wife and daughter. At last, seeing him lonely and bent with age, Papa"">Rangi the Skyfather took pity on him and changed him into a
rainbow so that he could join his family in the sky.

The link:

Rainbows - According to the Bible

The rainbow symbolized the covenant God made with Noah (representing mankind) not to destroy the world in such a way again: a covenant of peace.

The link:

****** UNICORNS *****

The origin of the unicorn is much harder to pin down than the creation of the Pegasus myth. Pegasus is a mainly Greek/Roman phenomenon whereas
the unicorn can be found in the stories and legends of a far flung
region of the Northern continents, from Japan in the Far East to most of
Europe and even into northern Africa and India.

In the orient the unicorn, usually referred to as a Ki-lin or Chi-Lin,
is considered a harbinger of good fortune and a prophet of great things
to come. It is said that a Ki-Lin would appear at or near the time of
the birth of great men and wise emperors. One legend relates the
appearance of a Ki-Lin at the birth of Confucius and that it carried in
it's mouth a piece of imperial jade with the prophecy of the baby's
greatness written upon it. The Ki-Lin has been a foundation of Chinese
mythology as early as 2700 BC and is thought to be the first
manifestation of the unicorn myth.

Unicorn link:

The Unicorn Tapestries located at the gallery of the Cloisters in NYC tells an interesting interpretation of the Christian vision of the Unicorn as a symbol of the Christ being hunted and killed and by his blood *roses* bloom. (I took this tour and whether you are Christian or not it will move you on a soul deep level.)

The link to the Unicorn Tapestries in the Cloisters:

Last by not least:
**************** FLUFF *******************

This is Fluff:

The latter being the worst possible thing for you.....but oh so good with peanut butter!!!!

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Good to Remember

By Roxanne, 2010-08-10
A truly wonderful woman with good advice for all.

An interview with my good friend Rev. Laurie Sue *The Mama Goddess* Brockway

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Kabbilliards - Kabbalistic Billiards

By Roxanne, 2010-07-30
I was doing a little research on different methods of using the Kabbalah Tree of Life in readings, and I found this page with a game call Kabilliards.

I love billiards and so this is right up my alley. The game is based on the different levels of Kabbala and well, if you like billiards and your into something different, here it is.

One of these days I need to review what I once knew...once upon a time.

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By Roxanne, 2010-07-08
I have some advice. Not just for Empaths but for everyone.

Here it is:
Never assume (ass-u-me) it's OK to tell the girl sitting next to you at the community pool that you left your old neighborhood because of "those disgusting Puerto Ricans"

You will surely turn all shades of red when she tells you she is Puerto Rican. (and quite classy, I may add). Don't let the Irish mix fool you. There are dark Irish just as there are white Puerto Ricans.

Don't try to make amends by telling the insulted Puerto Rican how *hateful* the Irish are. Just because you think there *must be Itallian* in there somewhere. Again, I refer you to the above comment re Dark Irish.

When you whisper about the *trailer trash* that lives up the may want to consider that the Irish/Puerto Rican /English/French hybrid American sitting next to you just may have a niece living in that trailer park.And by the way....have you even seen the inside of a double wide these days. They're freeeekin gorgeous.
I never liked that kind of talk. You may want to do some research on poverty and low income housing before you decide to discuss it from the critical end of the spectrum.

I guess what I'm saying is: Whoa...what a day!!! You might be surprised how many shades of red my new mortified *best friend* turned every time she put her foot in her mouth.
And I know I didn't have to tell her I was Puerto Rican / Irish.....with a new respect for trailer parks. But it felt so good.

Oh and here's another thing I've learned along life's little roadway. This is for empaths who may acknowledge body language in their readings. Some Spanish people can have deep dark features and when they squint from the sun...or an upsetting situation they can *look* angry.
Look closer.
You may find oceans of love and genuine concern behind those *fierce* sun sensitive eyes. hehehehehehe
It's a family joke.
But very good information.
I'm just passing it along.

buenas noches, mi amigas. And top of the mornin' to ya on the morrow.

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