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The Communicator Empath

By: Roxanne
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I was in a conversation about Empath music the other day. In looking back over my life I found that some of the music that moved me the most was written by people who did not exactly live up to the ideals they wrote about.

I pondered this.

Perhaps you've seen the movie produced by Tom Hanks "That Thing You Do". Nothing says it better than that.

The lead singer wrote the music.Songs that swept the nation bringing joy and laughter. Passion and Love. In the closing footnotes it is shown how he went on to enjoy many platinum albums in his career. But early on in the movie you already know you don't really love him nearly as much as you love his music. This made me think about "the communicator empath".

Is it possible these people are *vessel builders*. Those chosen to create vessels for others to travel through wide ranges of emotions to explore their inner depths...even if they themselves are not actively engaged in visiting those distant shores of emotions except in an abstract way that serves them on their pathway to career success or just plain old grandiosity.

Does such a self serving use of the gift make them any less a Communicator Empath. No. Maybe just less of a Human Empath.

But then...

I guess in some cases it is also possible that some Communicator Empath are able to realize by some unseen frequency a venue for emotional engagement, but is trapped within or blocked by certain life experiences, trying to shape the emotional creature he/she wishes they could manifest in this world.

Someone once wrote that a very famous singer well known for his empathy and activism was in reality fueled by his desire to be like one of his friends. Everything he wrote was by design to create the image in himself that came quite naturally to the person he admired. There was a sideway chuckle suggesting "he's not really like the music he writes."

But I'll tell you right now, that never stopped me from loving his music. Because I found *me* in the words and frequencies he used to project that image.

I don't propose to know the answer, but I will say that I am never quick to follow someone just because they spew off beautiful words. And at the same time I am not quick to condemn someone's words if I witness abhorrent behavior from them. I love words. They are vessels..mirrored vessels in which they can shine ourselves back onto ourselves.

My philosophy about taking things *one post at a time* here at EC means that I don't look at *who* wrote something . I look at the words contained within. I connect with the words and see if they fill me with a defined feeling. Because that defined feeling is coming from *me* no matter who wrote the words.

And that's how I get closer and closer to realizing myself. By feeling myself in those things that resonate with me and those things that don't resonate with me.

It is when people lose site of this and transfer their personal power to the *writer* or communicator Empath that a disconnect can take place. That is where a sheep mentality comes into play.

I like to envision a day when we are all shepherds, guiding the fragments of our own little *inner lost sheep* to a great green pasture where these splintered shadows of our lower self can integrate into one awakened Higher Self. To be fully AWAKE.

and for that I thank all the communicator empaths out there, gentle or not, who by their words have helped to hand me the staff that makes me "my own shepherd".

blessed be