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By: Roxanne
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That's right you miserable old lady. I'm talking to you. You think just because you have to suffer we ALL have to suffer??!! -- I heard of misery loves company but this is ridiculous. Did it ever occur to you that if you just crawled out of your own incredibly self-centered head for awhile and stopped feeling so sorry for yourself maybe -- just maybe -- if you took the time to spread a little sunlight onto other peoples lives, maybe you wouldn't be such a miserable old coot.

I know this sounds harsh. -- Call it an intervention. -- You know I've always liked you but this is getting ridiculous!!!

That's right, I'm talking to you Demeter, Creation Goddess of Fertility.

Oh,I know, I know... it couldn't have been easy for you. -- I'm a mother too and I really am sorry that nasty ol' Lord of the Underworld took your daughter Persephone off for a romp to Hades. But did it ever occur to you that she may have gone willingly. He's very hot I hear.

so all I'm asking is that you give the rest of us a little break and cut it out with the dark grey veils and ashes...and all this drama and let's get on with Spring!!!

BTW: Ever think Persephone may have taken off because you are so unbe- freeekin-lievabley controlling?!!

Well enough is enough...I've gathered all the Biti Foki and we are ready to rumble!!

We have waited long enough through months of frozen tundra and Damaging Wind alerts, so now it's time you step down from your throne and get out of the way. Just get over yourself and let your daughter do what she does best!! Herald in the Spring!!!


Sorry, Your Highness, if I stepped out of line. I speak because I care. And if there's something else going on that we don't know about and you're not comfortable talking about here in a public forum you can always PM me.

Just stop dragging the rest of us down with you and LET MY TULIPS BLOOM!



thank you, I needed that -- very cathartic.

04/19/11 07:09:39PM @roxanne:

Well, it took a while but I finally spelled * unbe-freekin'-lievably* correctly...I think.

Anyway, thanks, Arwen. I know we're all in this together.

04/19/11 07:35:55PM @roxanne:

I should be more understanding of Demeter I guess, I too am rapidly becoming more like her.

Maybe she doesn't know what month it is because she needs to upgrade her bifocals. Either way, that old lady better bring me some spring soon.


04/19/11 11:18:01PM @roxanne:

I'm very troubled by it all, Deirdre. It just got too overwhelming this time. Two branches of my family within two days in direct line of tornadoes. And for my sister it's been nonstop warnings. I'm just so tired of feeling this sick dull *please God don't let me get another bad phone call* in my stomach. -- I'm just really tired and I need sunshine on my shoulders.

It makes me happy.


04/20/11 01:24:41AM @roxanne:

LOL. Very cool. Give her LOTS of eggs please! Cause I'm not beyond bribery. -- I would just like to know how Demeter thinks she can bring the corn at harvest time, if she won't bring the SUN now!

Do you hear that Demeter?!! Get on it. Because your annual review will be coming up and we can replace you....we've done it before.

Maybe you've heard of Mary!

04/20/11 11:13:37AM @roxanne:

Lynn, Gene, Sandy, All

thanks for comments. I looked out the window today and it's almost zero visibility with the fog. I said "oops, I must have really ticked her off" -- Sorry Demeter, my bad.

They say there may be some sunshine today. Oh how they tease.