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By: Roxanne
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There I was, lying on the couch, first night home from the electronic-free zone that is my mountain house. I'm channel surfing and an *expert witness* for the case against *crazy people* makes note of how *friends and family* can help if someone is entering a psychotic state. "Pay attention" he said "if they think they are psychic or they are getting messages from the TV it's a sign that they might be entering a psychotic state."

Does it count if the message you get from the TV is that western medicine is elbow deep in it's own BS, hallmarked by limited thinking?

Does it count if the trees tell you to listen to the wind because it speaks directly to the heart?

Does it count if your *psychotic state* actually turns out to be a premonition?

It's men like him *innocent* in their intent that make it harder for folks like us to talk about our *very real* experiences.

It just really ticked me off. But then, maybe that's what it was suppose to do. Maybe it was a message from my TV telling me to get angry at these limited thinkers and speak out for the cause of the spirit talkers. -- I don't know...let me go ask my toaster what it thinks, and I'll get back to you.

Totally Psychotic in New York

04/14/11 08:35:13AM @roxanne:

hahahhaha Worry not my love YOU ARE IN THE ZONE!!!!!

Waving from New York to my lovely Deirdre.

04/14/11 08:56:45AM @roxanne:

Oh, Larinda, we have ways to make your toaster talk. Oh yes we do. But I can't talk microwave is listening. I think it's wired.


Actually the first thing that went through my head when this doctor was talking "Is it really paranoia if they actually are after you."

(This was in response to a comment he made about people who think the government is bugging their homes. hahahaha I have a few friends like that, but I don't think they're paranoid at all. It's extremely rational.) hahahaha.

Thanks for stopping by, Larinda. We crazies have to stick together.

04/14/11 09:15:22AM @roxanne:

Hi, Sandy. I know and you know that I know that you know what I mean.


Miss you girl. Been reeeeeal busy. But will catch up very soon. fingers still crossed for this years real estate market.


04/14/11 09:47:20AM @roxanne:
LOL..good one, Sandy. Your stove is just a silver tongue devil ain't he. LOL
04/14/11 11:20:03AM @roxanne:

Tammie -- Big fat LOL. Ironing does suck. Funny though that you should bring this up, it is also considered a *symptom* if you worry too much about *leaving the iron on* after leaving your home.-- On these grounds alone I think everyone should stop ironing.

akua_pua -- Big LOL's back atcha. I hate a jealous windows they're always watching. hehehe

Chantelle -- Hey how are ya! Long time. I'll check that link out when I get a moment. Feel the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Not saying western medicine is ALWAYS wrong, but it's a tall order to reconcile the inconsistencies. I know it's true because my pillow told me.

04/14/11 11:54:03AM @roxanne:



love you back, Kelsi!

04/14/11 07:11:05PM @roxanne:

Dinky -- that's right! You read my mind.

Rookicita!! Hey lady! EXACTLtY! Well stated. Even some who I know ARE bipolar can have manic episodes that open their minds to access arkashic info. So there is a very thin line between psycho , psyche and psychic. What a difference a vowel makes. hahaha.

Christine -- thanks for the shared giggle. BTW: love the profile pic. Hot mama Look at you!