January 29th - Meditation

By: Roxanne
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I have been so busy lately. So very busy I almost didn't realize that just about everything that needed to be done has been done. It was such a wonderful realization. Like everything went calm inside of me. I decided I would use this calm moment -- this lovely serenity to meditate. And so I did.

I closed my eyes and quickly found myself walking on a beach in Mexico. It was beautiful and warm and the ocean lapped softly beside me. There were people in cafe's along the resort edge chatting, giggling, children screeching...and I strolled along.

I was alone. I knew my husband was there, but I was alone. My family, my children....but I was alone.

I was alone in my peaceful connection to Source. And it was Source who wanted me to know that despite illusions suggesting otherwise, I have always been alone on my journey. It was cool in that Source was pointing out that the behavior, thoughts and actions of others in no way effect me as my connection to Source is whole unto itself.

In this moment of total connection I never felt so alive and free. No burdens no guilt...just freedom. I ran into the water of the Mayan Riviera. And though I had started my journey in Cancun I found myself at the foot of the ruins in Tulum. Here I was told that I was an *observer*.

Observe. The word rose from a deep place within my connection. Do not participate. Just observe. In my trance state I fully understood this. In my wakened state and in my daily living, I know that I must also participate. But emotionally I need only observe.

My meditation took me to my happy place. I sat on the beach covering myself in the rich mud from clay beds dotting the shoreline.

I dove into the water like a spiritual baptism that anointed me in this blessed connection to Life/Creation/God/source.

Again I heard "observer" You are an observer feeding back to Godhead.

And again, I understood.

I have always been an observer.

The meditation was pure delight. I was there. Alone. But never truly alone. The actions of others hold no power over me. I am connected to a greater source than the pettiness of human ego.

This kind of rocks. I felt myself skipping and dancing my barefeet in the sands of a sacred locale. And I knew without doubt that no one can hurt me. That I am here. And I am free. And I will continue to observe.

Other things occurred to me during this meditation. But they are of a private nature that have nothing to do with this blog.

Bless you all.

May you find peace @ your own private beach.

Blessed Be.

01/30/11 09:19:51AM @roxanne:

Thank you, Sandy. I still feel it like an electric current pulsating softly throughout my body. Pure peace.

Feels good. Can't remember when I felt this good.

*can't wait to actually be at a real beach though, lol*

01/31/11 02:48:52PM @roxanne:

Thank you, Lynn and Amaya. I decided I need to be a frequent flyer...yep. Around the world in 80 days.

I forgot how great it is to go into deep meditation.Came out of it with kundalini sparks skipping off me. LOL