Strange Brew

By: Roxanne
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Here's a brief recap of the last weeks of 2010:

The moon turns red (full lunar eclipse) on the night of the Winter Solstice

Mood swings galore on EC

I've received several PMs about poltergeist experiences from friends.

And 5000 black birds fall dead out of the sky over Arkansas.

Happy New Year...can't wait to see what lies ahead.

???????????????????????????????????????????????? WTH

01/03/11 12:27:46AM @roxanne:

Oh Elle, "'s getting better all the time..."

Now I'm off to sleep. If my brain should be so kind.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love ya!

01/03/11 12:50:51AM @roxanne:
And you, Austin, cheer my nights AND days. Mostly my nights it seems as we are both clearly insomninacs. LOL