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BE = you're just sitting around "Being" when someone you trust or care about serves you up on a

TRAY for


to feast upon.


It hurts obviously because it can only come @ the hands of someone you care about. Obviously, since an *enemy* can't *betray* you. Afterall, by definition alone, an enemy would just be doing what enemies do.

I've had such experiences whereas a trusted person took my art and reproduced it without informing me (and I would have told her it was ok, but she just didn't ask) instead she began selling it on her own unbeknownst to me. I later learned she was approached by a corporate buyer who offered to mass produce and sell it in the chain stores. -- Only she never told me because she had violated my trust and she knew I held the copyrights on that material.

She had confessed one night in a drunken stupor that she was always very jealous of my gifts, and so I know that she also would not want me to get this contract with the chain store because then all the credit would go to me.

I had to learn about this years after the fact which was kind of disappointing, because I would have forgiven her the early betrayal and hired her as the sales rep and executive manager for that whole endeavor. So when you think about it, in the law of "what goes around comes around"...she ended up betraying herself in the end.


I still love her but I'll never be able to trust her. That's just how it goes.

I've been so blessed in my short time here on earth (well not that short LOL). I see things from a distant perch where I've learned so much about life just from observing people and modus operendi. Now it takes about 5 seconds flat and I can pretty much sum up a sitution given just a few facts.

It can almost seem like a psychic gift, but it's really just the harvesting of life experiences.

From my point of observation I will say that I've learned a few VERY important lessons about the driving force of some individuals who often start out with good intentions. When we first "fall into" our spiritual lessons , when we first make that divine connection we are so overwhelmed by it's AWESOMENESSSSSSSSSSSSS we just want to shout it from the rooftops and share it all over the place. Then usually the idea to write a book about it follows.

That's cool. but in order to sell the book one must present some kind of expert credential...and now what started out as a seed of truth, begins to take shape as a *plan for production, management and profit".

Not always..but this has been a recurring theme I've seen among people I know who have made that leap into *selling their spirituality *.

Is there anything wrong with it. No. Not at all. But it does make me sad when I see how the business end of it all changes the energy. I've sat back and watched this so many times with people who have reached respectable pinnacles of success. Through the entire transition of their project. Worldly success is enhanced and personal happiness seems to diminish.

That's why a long time ago when people made offers to me to *become a product and sell my gifts* I decided I did not feel right with that. So I created "art to represent my heart" and I had no problem selling that art.

It never interferred with my spiritual base. It sprang from it but the base stayed strong.

Sadly, as I look back I see that this has caused another recurring theme in my life. People who covet and want to take possession of my efforts so that they can profit from it. They see a product and not that thing that is a precious part of me.

At the same time I see those beautiful friends who just melt into celebration of my successful endeavors and never stop encouraging me to believe in myself. And they bring it with no expectations or self interest. Just love. Pure and unfiltered.

I celebrate those beautiful people in this New Year.

Out with the old and in with the NEW!!!


01/02/11 02:05:08PM @roxanne:

*raising my glass back at you*

Rock on, Kasey!

so may it be...

01/05/11 11:24:33AM @angel:
01/05/11 05:15:13PM @roxanne:

There was no *credit* to get. She told me years after she walked away from this great opportunity. And she walked away from it because it didn't really belong to her.

Had she told me, who knows what might have happened. Stupid right.

Whatcha gonna do? I can use this stuff anytime I want, since I have the copyrights. I just haven't had time to focus on business strategies. My life has been in transition and priorities dictate every step I take.

But right now there is a great shift taking place. The things that weighed me down in the past are lifting.


01/16/11 02:29:28PM @roxanne:

Many shades of betrayal my friend, but how you deal with it...........well that's what really counts, hmmm.

Like you the lines are blurred between forgive and forget.

xoxoxoxox back atcha xoxoxoxo