Song of the Empress

By: Roxanne
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Song of the Empress

By Roxanne

The warm nights of summer slip into the past

Cool morning breeze; brown on the grass.

Bright orange-red; golden streams through her hair.

And the Biti folk harvest

The fruits of her ware.

The song on the wind tells the story of woe

Of the fair maiden child;

To Hades she must go.

While her mother weeps sadly

As she says goodby

Her grief keeps the Sun far away in the sky

Slowly Persephone dons her dark veil

As her mother withdraws,her face growing pale.

Just as the last petal falls from the rose

Back to the underworld

Persephone goes.


This is my song to Demeter

The giver of food and of corn

This is my song to the Empress

Who Kissed me the day I was born

Her tears are the leaves

That fall from the trees

Her heart is the beating of wings

As the birds fly away

Until the the great day

When Persephone returns in the Spring.

So dance by your fires and harvest the days

While life is still your's to embrace

And Sing to the Goddess

A song of great thanks

For the Circle of Life

And her Grace.

This is my song to Demeter

Guardian of seasons and time

This is my song to the Empress

Our Heavenly Mother Divine.

(Of course this takes nothing away from the Father Divine. -- We love Big Daddy too!!)

Blessed Be!

10/05/10 11:19:52AM @roxanne:
Awwwww, thank you all. Lynn, gorgeous graphics. Thank you so much. I invite anyone to load beautiful Fall related graphics.Fawn, hun, no problem. I am ALWAYS here to jerk you around, uh, out of your slump. ;-)Thank you Mary and Larinda.And Sandy, maybe if we're lucky Lynn or Deirdre will set it to music and send a video.I'm going to pull my old keyboard out of storage and get to work on that.Love you all. Just wanted to share what kept me up last night, lol.
10/05/10 12:48:19PM @roxanne:
Thank you, Gene!:-)
10/05/10 02:55:16PM @roxanne:
Thanks, Sandy.In my head, I can hear it two ways.. As a spoken story with background music, but then sung @ point of chorus.orthe whole thing sung with Celtic flavor. Sometimes I hear violins, sometimes I hear mandolins and flute.Welcome to my brain.:-)
10/05/10 03:02:05PM @roxanne:
I also hear guitar version in my head, that you???!!! LOL. The harp is a real nice idea. Get to that will ya? LOL
10/06/10 12:41:48PM @retrogirl:
That is absolutely beautiful!