Veterans of War Being Insulted AGain -- This has to End!!!!

By: Roxanne
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Across the nation brave men and women join the service. They train and they serve and they face conditions so unspeakable most empaths would curl up in a ball and cry just thinking about it.

But according to a recent article the army has actually been *firing* soldiers after they've already served in combat, and canceling their medical benefits claiming their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is actually * a personality disorder* therefore a *pre-existing condition*.

So what are they saying? That the Army is so incompetent that they missed these *so called personality disorders* during the screening, training and deployment process, and only recognized this pre-existing *personality disorder* AFTER the soldier returned from a combat situation. (first of all nobody should be allowed to be fired after serving in a combat situation. Discharged with honors, period. Full benefits and nothing less.Amen!!)

or are they saying that we are too stupid as a nation to see past this BS and raise a holy hell about it.

I for one intend to keep my eye on this. If a man or woman has served their country and endured even one tour of duty in a combat zone they have already earned their benefits.

I have a newsflash for these army doctor PUPPETS who are making these false diagnosis (by order of a High command, I'm sure) : There is another pre-existing condition apparently rampant among their peers: It's called the congenital a-hole disorder....and that's what they would have to be to treat these men and women the way they've been treated. Sorry, not after what they've been through.

It's tragic. And it's not the first time our troops have been insulted like this. (Can anyone say Agent Orange!)

So aaaaangry about this. Hoping the Veterans Legal Aid Svc. rip them a new one.

Here's the link if you should feel like reading about it: This is inexcusable.

08/24/10 08:30:08AM @angel:
Amen, Roxy!!! a personality disorder is not always pre-exsisting, in fact it only becomes pre-exsisting between the time of the trauma to the time of the evaluation. It's an AXIS 2 diagnosis, and because it's not considered " biological" or physical they lump it in there because it's mental with no physical problem to go with it. But major tramitic events can also change the physical make-up as a person. They go to war, so our polititians can stay here, fight our politians war, while out politians stay here eating twinkies and watching porn during "important buissness meetings" . Why aren't presidents and congress required to spend some time fighting a war they are always so quick top put us in? This reminds me of a song called "BYOB- BRING YOUR OWN BOMBS" By System Of A Down
08/24/10 09:52:57AM @roxanne:
I found this article last night and went from zero to frothing at the mouth in 5 secs. Nothing burns my ass more than stories like this.nothing.Makes a girl wanna go postal.
08/24/10 11:55:19AM @roxanne:
Oooooooh, dont' even get me started on the Mosque at Ground Zero. There is so much truth on both sides of that argument it makes me feel phsycially sick ( I lost a friend there so I lean *against* the mosque out of respect for the families, but I have Muslim friends so I just feel like total shit about it all because I also understand about freedom of Religion. (def has a *civil war* feel to it)However my sister sent me an interesting chain letter that really makes you think about the argument ofTOLERANCE:If it is true that the mosque near Ground Zero is to promote tolerance;It was suggested that a gay nightclub be opened next door to the mosque.Two names suggested are;"The Turban Cowboy", and "You Mecca Me Hot".On the other side they should open a butcher shop that specializes in pork!And across the street a store that sells and displays bikinis or ladies lingerieon manikins...or live models.Would there be as much *tolerance* for an artist gallery depicting cartoons of Mohammed?(I'm seriously not joining in on this as a big LAFF. it goes directly to tolerance and the first ammendmentand the free market) -- so where do the lines get drawn as to what is *acceptable if protected by the constitution, but extremely offensive to any sector of society.)My huband has an expression for these kind of conflicts and it goes something like this "F*#k that Noise".My heart is broken over both of these issues. -- having said thatHave a great RAINBOW day, y'all
08/24/10 01:10:26PM @angel:
I've been wondering about that debate myself. Legally speaking, they can do it, plain and simple. So the arguement is not really about leagitites, it's about human respect. I think the people who have lost loved one's through this tragedy deserve alot more respect, on the flip-side, could this possibly be a way for the Muslims to reach out to the victims? They say it will be open to the public, but it may be appropriate to put a little further away, for simple respect and peace. But yet, will those victims ever heal if they are not pushed in a position to where they are forced to forgive? I see both sides of the coin and thr reality is, is wasn't those Muslims that did this, it was some psycho group that did this and every religion has them. Look at those in California who posoined 40 people so there souls could travel to the "mother ship" behind hale bop. There was only one survior, and his reason was to keep the faith going after they left, hmmm, funny because I never heard of that group since. Now that is useing your head when you've gotten in to deep. We can't blame the Muslims for what happend, no more than can we blame victims for feeling that this is salt being poured on their wounds. If the government would stay out of it, I'm sure they would have been able to come up with some type of resolution or compromise. I don't know, I just have to believe that their is a greater purpose in all this and hope that this division will one day create unity.
08/24/10 04:45:08PM @roxanne:
Oh, yes, Deirdre, I imagine there is a a lot of raw skin and chapped bleeding hands from all that washing..washing ...washing......Beloved friends, I respect all of your opinions and take every one of them to heart, but I am afraid that this discussion may start moving into a dark place of controversy, so I will monitor it closely and see how things go.My aim is to raise awareness and NOT to start an emotional war.Blessed be.
08/24/10 04:45:52PM @roxanne:
Kate and Angel I am right there next to you, friends. We are feeling this whole thing from the inside out.Thank you for your comments.
08/24/10 06:42:07PM @roxanne:
There is no way I will delete your comment, Kate, as I stand behind it 100%.My statement was about a feeling I get of what *could happen* to this thread based on my experience with controversial subjects.I will not close the thread or delete statements as they stand now, but I will monitor it closely.Every person who has responded to this Blog has one common denominator working through themPeace and Justice for our VeteransAnd a compassionate resolution for all regarding the Mosque at Ground Zero.Please know, my last comment was not directed at anyone here. It was about a *feeling*and I always listen to my feelings.Blessed Be.