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I have some advice. Not just for Empaths but for everyone.

Here it is:
Never assume (ass-u-me) it's OK to tell the girl sitting next to you at the community pool that you left your old neighborhood because of "those disgusting Puerto Ricans"

You will surely turn all shades of red when she tells you she is Puerto Rican. (and quite classy, I may add). Don't let the Irish mix fool you. There are dark Irish just as there are white Puerto Ricans.

Don't try to make amends by telling the insulted Puerto Rican how *hateful* the Irish are. Just because you think there *must be Itallian* in there somewhere. Again, I refer you to the above comment re Dark Irish.

When you whisper about the *trailer trash* that lives up the may want to consider that the Irish/Puerto Rican /English/French hybrid American sitting next to you just may have a niece living in that trailer park.And by the way....have you even seen the inside of a double wide these days. They're freeeekin gorgeous.
I never liked that kind of talk. You may want to do some research on poverty and low income housing before you decide to discuss it from the critical end of the spectrum.

I guess what I'm saying is: Whoa...what a day!!! You might be surprised how many shades of red my new mortified *best friend* turned every time she put her foot in her mouth.
And I know I didn't have to tell her I was Puerto Rican / Irish.....with a new respect for trailer parks. But it felt so good.

Oh and here's another thing I've learned along life's little roadway. This is for empaths who may acknowledge body language in their readings. Some Spanish people can have deep dark features and when they squint from the sun...or an upsetting situation they can *look* angry.
Look closer.
You may find oceans of love and genuine concern behind those *fierce* sun sensitive eyes. hehehehehehe
It's a family joke.
But very good information.
I'm just passing it along.

buenas noches, mi amigas. And top of the mornin' to ya on the morrow.

07/08/10 03:34:34PM @roxanne:
Amen, sister. Amen.I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful, one hundred percent.Dr. Seuss;-)
07/08/10 04:00:10PM @roxanne:
HAHAHAHAHAHHAI too love a rainbow smoothie, but...Butterfly poop...the best!!hehehehehlove it.
07/08/10 04:18:25PM @roxanne:
Oh, Marianne, I'm laughing, me no habla espanol...Not even Spanglish!! My mother deprived me of this great gift so she would have a secret language to talk about me behind my back in front of my face with my grandmother. (Plus I was too lazy in school to learn. My niece is teaching me now. LOL)Trying to decode your message I get that you have two daughters? One is three and the other eight months?? or almost eight months.Your husband is Mexican? Small world. LOLSeriously...this took help from my *Italian* husband who paid attention in school. My Spanish blood runs through my veins. My venacular is strictly Queens, NY. the motherland. LOL.So nice to meet you.
07/08/10 05:11:47PM @roxanne:
Awwww, Marianne, to my credit I did get " Hola como estes? oh, and * 3 years old* LOL. Hubby helped with all else.God bless you and your grand daughters. I'm so sorry about your pending divorce. Stressful on every level whichever side of the choice you are on.Regarding my blog I just get so grrrrrrrr when people talk like that without any consideration for who exactly they are talking to. I love my Puerto Rican family. I love my Irish/English family. We're a bunch of mixed nuts and that's just fine by me. LOL. Oh, and it's a good thing we told her we had French blood in us too or she might have started bashing the French and talking about " Freedom Fries" and all that nonsense. Anyway...I just needed to share. LOLHave a wonderful evening and thanks for dropping by.
07/08/10 05:42:31PM @angel:
I have defenitly seen my fair share o single and double wides,lol. In fact one of favorite shows is "MY BIG REDNECK WEDDING", it's haliarious, but I learned something about the "poor white trailer trash" alot of those "rednecks" out ion the boonies are totally liveing up life. They are haveing a blast and they could care less about how people view them. They laugh, even if it's at themselves. Defiently free spirits.Though Roxy, I gotta say that I feel discriminated against because you didn't mention us Krauts (Germans),lol. 's funny that you mention the Puerto Rican's because when I lived in PA, many of the white were racist againstthe Puerto Ricans, and most of the Puerto Ricans were racist against the Mexicans, and on and on and on. I hope one day people will figure out that there is only one race, the human race. So... is she still you new best friend? ,lol.
07/08/10 06:45:31PM @roxanne:
Actually, Angel, the person saying all of this stuff to me was Itallian and German,(and claimed to have Irish, but I think just to save face). Guess, I didn't think to mention it because I was just loving her up as the all American *Archie Bunker type*. LOL.It's true about the prejudice within the denominations of Spanish origin. I notice a trend to try to place yourself as close to Spain as possible. But don't get me started on that!!!! It's crazy.You are right! We are all one human race and we need to stick together know, against those global conglomerates, right Deirdre!!! LOL.Oh well, I'm getting better at dealing with it. I just love when they get busted and say "Oh no.not you..*you're not like that*"... Hmmmm, I see just my people.tsk tsk...we need to upload empathy on a global level.And I meant what I said about the trailers....They are pretty awesome. And the people who live in my nieces trailer park are just like you said, Angel...cream of the crop on every level and having a damn good time.Marianne,hopefully the world will be so many colors by the time your angels grow up the old school ignorance will just *fade away*.Let us pray.
07/08/10 08:31:55PM @roxanne:
That's interesting, Dinky, I never realized that about the eyes and teeth. I am getting my teeth bleached so it's good you brought this to my attention.I wouldn't want the teeth to outshine my eyes. My *fierce* dark Spanish eyes. LOL
07/08/10 09:36:06PM @roxanne:
I dunno, Felix...I'm a little wary of those Cubans.LOL!! OH man, I kid! I kid...te amo mi Cuban hermanos! Much love up and down the rainbow. Till all the colors bleed into one.someday but till then.....The Jets are gonna have their dayTonightThe Jets are gonna have their wayTonightThe Puerto Ricans grumbleFair fightBut if they start a rumbleWe'll rumble 'em right...."LOL. West Side Story."..Who knew American gangs were so proficient in ballet? "Beautician and the BeastIt's a new day,baby. (Same S#*t new day.)
07/08/10 10:04:09PM @roxanne:
Marianne,My Irish grandmother didn't want my father to marry my Puerto Rican mother so she wasn't invited to the wedding.I've heard it all...I've seen it all. I just can't comprehend such linear thinking. They miss soooo much beauty.
07/09/10 06:52:02AM @roxanne:
Wow! Those must've been some family holidays, DinkJ. Like restaurant the 50's, LOL.And Marianne, I agree..........empinadas and Tamales FOR ALL!!!
07/09/10 08:56:24AM @roxanne:
Exactly, Sandy. That's why it blows my mind when some people open their mouths. I forget we are all evolving at our own pace.I'm for those *pot luck* dinners when all the different ethnic groups bring food from their native cultures to the school for sharing.It just goes to show how food can be a great equalizer.We all need foodand airand water.We're all the same.
07/10/10 03:50:12AM @roxanne:
All of your voices sound like music to me. The songs of Tolerance and Appreciation. The songs of Love.and while you're serving up the tamales and pasteles, I'm putting out a loaf of Irish Soda Bread....cause I like it with strawberry jam.I'm with you, Ashi. Lovin' the big wild's a beautiful thing.
07/10/10 08:35:54AM @roxanne:
So mote it be.