The Empath Dictionary

By: Roxanne
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Here it is...the on going collection that I will sort out and try to keep in some order as it grows. But this is a good place to keep a record of the feedback on our Empath Dictionary thread.

so far thanks to Lynn we have a small collection of Empath Words: ( I have tried to keep descriptions simple and easy to understand, but the words themselves are seem to be self-explanatory.

Empath Dictionary:

Empath-nese - Empath language of communication.

Empathing using Emotional pathways for connection.

Empath Moments - moments of emotional connection and knowing.

Empathic calling an emotional or energetic calling.

Empathiness of or pertaining to Empaths

Empathology - the study of Empathy and Mirror Neurons

Empapression...a powerful empathic/emotional impression

Empathinator -- someone who can crush you with their mind, by accessing your mirror neurons.

empathment - an empath moment of positive or negative affect.

Empathagorically -- speaking in terms of empath related consciousness.

Keep them coming,ladies, this is good stuff.