The change I always want for my self

By RochelleCrittenden, 2015-09-24


Growing My Green Thumb

While I was heading towards my office just this morning, I was astounded by the beautiful sceneries up the clear and fair sky and the fresh air that welcomed me outside the house. I saw my little garden colored up by different blooming flowers and when I looked at the mirror, I could see my face widened with smile. I can say that its a great feeling that I rarely experience and that is probably because I have been very busy with a lot of things that I have forgotten about myself already. Compared to the happenings of my life in the past weeks, today is really a wonderful day. I got to really focus on what I want to eat this morning and I finally had time to choose what to wear. Its really not so normal to me but this brand new feeling eases the burden that I usually carry at work and in the house. It is totally different. How I wish the days ahead would be like this one. How I wish the things I used to not experience would just pop out and would make me feel the change that I want for my life now.

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