Past Life ~ has anyone ever heard of something like this?

By: Retrogirl
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"Giving Up" Past Life

I'm desperate for any information on this life. I've tried googling it to see if I could find this scam somewhere in history, if it was something common, but I can't find anything.

England, industrial revolution. I thought it was Victorian, but must be pre-Victorian. I'm a woman, I'm not sure what happened, but I *think* I was previously married, my husband must've died, so I find myself alone. I may even have a child, but she's not with me. My parents weren't rich, but not dirt poor either. They seem to have gotten a lot of wealth vicariously from my marriage. I married up in class, my husband must've left me some money, but I think my dad had custody of it. I think my mom was caring for my child. I don't seem bothered by any of this, it all seems natural to me. Which is the weird part. Even the death of my husband didn't devastate me. I remain a very positive person. I'm courted by a man who acts like he is a dream. Even though my husband died(as opposed to being divorced), this makes me less desirable, so I'm thrilled to find such a great guy when he could have so many more desirable women.

After we marry, my money reverts to him, and I discover he's not at all who he made himself out to be. This comes as a great shock to me as I realize I'm trapped. I'm forced to work in his factory like a slave. This is a scam he's devised, he's done this with all kinds of women. We're all worked to the bone in his factory. I'm completely spent. I feel like there's no way out. As a woman with no rights, my husband basically owns me, and any attempt to break away & tell someone would only lead me to be sent back to him. It's such a strange situation. When I died, I was bringing buckets of water across a long field. I just couldn't take it. I was emotionally & physically exhausted. I saw no way out. I gave up. I just laid down & died. I don't know how you can just choose to die like that, but I did. The thing is, I was only a week or two away from being rescued. There were people in the law (seems to be more connected with lawyers & judges than police) who had discovered this scam (I'm pretty sure it was illegal to be married to more than one person at the time) and were on the verge of rescuing us. I gave up just before that could happen. I lost my faith.

When I first saw this life, I thought it was too close to that movie with Nicole Kidman & John Malkovich, The Portrait of a Lady, so I assumed it wasn't real. The first scene I saw was the point where I realized I was trapped, I hadn't seen the factory part yet. I only expanded on it one day in the sample room with Robyn, and I realized it wasn't like the movie at all really.

I would desperately love to find something in history to back this up, because it seems really fantastical to me. The man in this life was my ex. I find it strange that I have no ill feelings towards my ex. That person was so different from who he is now. But there are other people who I react to as if they were the old person.

I would love to know if anyone has ever heard of anything like this in history before!