Canadian Politics, and don't ever talk about it with your mom!!

By: Retrogirl
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When I realized April was over, it dawned on me I'd forgotten my dad's birthday. No big surprise, I usually forget. Then, I made the mistake of calling them, and ended up getting into a debate with my mom about Stephen Harper. I was very depressed Tuesday morning when the Liberals got decimated, and Stephen Frigging Harper gained his majority government. He's the devil in disguise as far as I'm concerned, and I'm not exaggerating. He was buddy buddy with George Bush Jr. if that's any indication, and I'm no fan of GW (another offspring of the Satan). I consider myself to be a Liberal, but that doesn't mean I will vote Liberal regardless. I vote for the person who I think is the most honest, and who deep down cares about Canada. When I was younger, I didn't want to get involved in politics, and now I know why. I knew that if I was able to form an opinion, I'd be heartbroken if what I saw was right & honourable didn't happen. Which is exactly what happened.

In high school, some people came looking for people to represent Paul Martin. I hated politics, but I got involved for the experience. I learned a lot, both good & bad. I saw how passionate Paul Martin's supporters were about him. That impressed me. I also got a chance to meet him in person, and he struck me as very sincere, which came as a shock. I was under the impression that all politicians were dirty scoundrels. I don't think Ieven believed it at the time, but as the years wore on, the more my respect for him grew.

When Chretien was Prime Minister, it was obvious they didn't get along, but nonetheless, Martin preformed feats of sheer amazement with his budget balancing. Chretien only gave him the Finanace position because it's known to be the hardest in parliament, expecting him to fail, and he only shined more. Chretien was a little too corrupt for my liking, but I will always be proud of the way he spoke out against George W., when it wasn't popular to do so, and he was taking what was percieved to be a tremendous risk. As Chretien was on his way out, many scandals came to light about his questionable dealings, and as next in line for the leader's seat, my boy Paul got thrown under the bus for everything Chretien had done wrong.

In researching this to defend my position to my mom, I found out that the decisions he made as Finance minister, and Prime Minister are what helped keep Canada out of the awful economic crisis the States is in now, despite the fact he was being pressured to do so in order to keep Canada's market competitive with that of the US.

Martin was only Prime Minister for a short time, but he demonstrated a clear understanding of what makes Canada good.He was passionate about keeping Canada united, and I truly believe we could've done it with him in charge. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. Enter Stephen Harper with a political agenda that will tear this country apart. He's "tough on crime", yet his tactics have verged on, and sometimes entered, criminal territory. What saddens me the most is that the people don't see it!! He's very good at smearing other candidates, and candy coating his own slimy ass. I will forever mourn the loss of Paul Martin for Prime Minister.