Starting to feel like myself again

By: Retrogirl
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I've been sick with a bad cold for about 2 weeks now, and at least a week before any of the symptoms showed up, I felt really weak & rundown. Things had really started piling up, I lost any motivation I had for work. This was incredibly disconcerting. Work has been my solace in the last few years, the only place where I had a sense of self. I enjoy working, I get a boost from completing things, and from working to meet peoples' needs. The last 2 weeks, I felt none of that. Every day I'd think, tomorrow I'll feel better. Most of the time, I'd feel even less motivated the next day! I was starting to think I didn't like my job any more, and it was time to quit. It was such a relief when I started feeling better in the last 2 days. I regained my joie de vivre. Thank God. That was horrible!

I got some kickass Hallowe'en decos at the dollar store the other day. I really enjoy having my office decorated more than my house. Maybe that's because my house is such a mess! LOL! I love having decorations, but when it comes time to take them down, I get really sad & depressed. It's like someone died! So, I gave up decorating. I guess where I'm forced to take them down at work, I don't feel the same depression. Weird.