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So, I went to see a psychic last weekend. I already knew she was good because some people I work with went to see her about a year ago, and she said many things that absolutely came true, against all odd. For instance, she told one lady that she would be doing some renovations on her house, and she would be very pleased with the outcome. Her house is brand new, only 3 years old. She and her ex built the house themselves, so there was nothing she wanted to change about it. She thought it would never happen. A few months after the reading, she had a flood in her basement, and ended up having to rip out & redo the whole thing! And she was very pleased with the outcome. Not to mention how she told the other lady she takes great photos. Before I saw her photos, I didn't think much of it. Then, she was showing me something on her computer and I saw what I thought were pictures she'd copied off the internet, but it turned out they were her own. They were unbelievable. I wanted to get copies of them so I could frame them & put them on my walls.

What did she tell me? Well, she said my next boyfriend would be The One. And that it would happen before Christmas. I'm going to live to be "ancient"! And possibly I will be winning the lottery! She didn't say that in so many words, but she said I'd be taking a trip to New Brunswick. I'm not all that crazy about NB, so I didn't react with excitement. BUT, if you win more than like 100 bucks, New Brunswick is where you go to pick up your winnings!!! THEN, she told the other lady that went with us that she was going to know someone who wins the lottery!!

I asked her about my current boyfriend, and she said he was going to do something that makes me really mad, and he's going to get kicked to the curb. I told her I've done that many times, but it's never worked. She was insistent it would take this time, and that it would be soon. I can't imagine what he's going to do that he hasn't already done that could possibly make me madder than I've already been! But, *I* think it's just a matter of me being ready for the change rather than him doing something stupid (he does that all the time!!) The whole reason I wanted to go was to ask her about this. Getting rid of him is all I care about. I felt like August was supposed to be the month he was leaving, but as August drew to a close, I was feeling like August was only the beginning of the end. =( And was very depressed. Part of me still feels like if it hasn't happened by now, it's not going to. I want to be free. I want to be able to eat whatever I want whenever I want. I want to feel relaxed again. I want to listen to my CD's while I fall asleep. I want my house to not be in shambles anymore. I want to lose this stupid weight without having to diet when I'm already miserable!!! (breathe... breathe...I just hate this holding pattern I'm in. Nobody seems to think there's a purpose for it except for me, which makes me feel like I'm being completely delusional. The truth is, I don't care as long as he LEAVES!!!! I'm feeling 2-3 weeks right now, but then what happens if that date, like so many others, comes and goes without any resolution?!? Then what do I do?? There is a distinct possibility I'm learning patience!! :-} And humility. I've been reading Destiny of Souls, about what happens between lives, all the prep that goes into your lives. During the part where he talks about role playing in heaven with your friends to get ready for your next life, I had a vision of myself doing this, and saying to the others, "Now, I'm probably going to want out of this, but don't let me do it, no matter how much I ask!!" I have a feeling I signed up for things that seemed like a good idea at the time! I think I did try to multi-task a lot of stuff.

But, basically, after December, my life's going to be awesome. I believe it, but it's hard to understand how that can possibly happen. When I was little, I believed that my life would magically change when I turned 25. I have no idea where this notion came from. Of course, it didn't happen. But, it might be happening now! When you're little, 25 seems OLD, so maybe I just miscalculated a little?? I had basically forgotten about that prophesy until recently. I can't for the life of me remember it came to be, I felt like I just always knew. Weird. I was thinking that maybe it was referring to my move to Halifax, which did greatly alter my life for the better, but now I'm thinking it's this next change. I believe this change coincides with the whole 2012 thing. For years, I was terrified of it. Now, I see that was mostly fear mongering. Yes, a lot of peoples' lives have changed for the worse, but what about those who've changed for the better??? I believe that's what's happening to my life.

The psychic also told me 2 very interesting things ~ that I should make jewlery (and that I could make money selling it), and that I need to SING! Now, to anyone else these might seem like fairly innocuous things to say, but these were, perhaps, the most astounding 2 things she said during my reading.

About a year ago, I discovered that the dollar store sells jewlery. I've been obsessed with it ever since. It's every bit as nice as the ones you'd pay upwards of $5 a piece for. A few months ago, I started wanting all my necklaces to have matching earrings, so I started buying extras of each so I could make earrings for them. I bought all the clasps & things to go with it, I was getting right into it. I stalled a bit because I don't feel like doing much when BF is around, but the foundation was there. Also, I used to make earrings as a teenager. I still have the ones I made, and I love them. They have a certain quirkiness & timeless appeal. Then, the psychic tells me I should make jewlery & I could make a lot of money selling it. My jaw almost hit the floor when she said that. I was so suprised! I wouldn't have thought about selling it. I feel like I need a creative outlet, and having something that has a little bit of structure to it is helpful to me. I'm no good if I have too many options. I get caught up in indecision. I thought it was really interesting, too, how Lynn posed the question on the main board "What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?" and my answer was to be an artist. This answer took me by surprise! So, when the psychic said I should make jewlery & sell is because I need an artistic outlet, it all just fit.

Then, she said I should sing. I've always wanted to be a singer. I was very shy as a kid, and I don't have that great of a voice, but it was my secret desire. Recently, I bought Rock Band for my Wii because I wanted to sing!!! She said it's really good for me, and she could hear the spirits cheering for me. I think they've been trying to get this message across for a very long time!! I had a dream quite awhile ago that I was in grade 5, and I was Britney Spears, I was trying to talk, but nobody was listening to me, and then I turned into a shadow. I was on a message board at the time of people who were interested in New Age things, and I posted it to see if anyone knew what it meant. I realized myself what it meant, that Britney represented my dream of being a singer, and that dream had gotten pushed away, becoming part of my shadow self. There was this other lady on there who I didn't like much, but she was the resident dream "expert" and when I posted about needing to follow my dream, and at least take singing lessons, she insisted that's not what my dream meant and that it had to do with communication, not actual singing. It kinda makes me mad now, because I realize how hard my guides were trying to get this message to me. The psychic told me not to count on selling any gold records, but that it would be a good thing for me to do.

All in all, it was a great reading, and I would definitely go back to her anytime.