Connections... or not...

By: Retrogirl
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I'm so not into working today... I think it's hormonal. I'm also rather irritable.

I feel like there's 2 types of people in my life ~ those I connect with, and those I don't. The problem is, those I DON'T connect with, any type of relationship I have with them just gets worse, no matter where it starts. I could start off liking them a lot, but it always gets progressively worse! Those I connect with are VERY few & far between.

You see, I have a friend who's completely unreliable, a total flake, very frustrating, completely exaggerates everything he says to the point of absurdity, and yet... I love him. He's my best friend.

Then, there's this girl I work with, she's not like other girls who tend to be catty & whatnot. She's very nice, very reliable, not jealous, hard working. All things I respect. But, she has no spiritual side whatsoever, and it's weird cause I don't think I've met anyone like that. And I just can't stand talking to her anymore! It doesn't make any sense. She's not a superficial person, and yet she is.... ??

But, my other "friend" who I could talk about anything spritual with, she didn't have a very good work ethic, and I find her back stabbing ways a deal breaker. I just can't stand being around her either.

The mystical connection seems to transcend all. But, where does this connection come from? It obviously has nothing to do with stuff you think it would. I don't know.